09 May 2006

I'm pig-biting mad

I have no idea where the expression "pig-biting mad" came from, but it works for me, especially right now.

An article in The American Prospect says that the doofuses over at ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox TV all refused to air an ad from the United Congregational Church.

The UCC wanted to promote the idea that they are open to all people, so their commercial shows a single black mom, a gay couple, a Middle Easterner and an old lady with a walker being catapulted out of their pews.

The they have the tag line "God doesn't reject people. Neither do we."

The networks say that they can't run the ad because they won't allow advertising that puts down one religion and promotes another. Hello? Now we can't make the point that it is wrong to discriminate because that is...um...er...discrimination?

What kind of wimpy weirdness is that? It makes me so angry that they are so afraid of the Christian right that they won't even run anything that is even slightly pro-gay (because you KNOW that's what this is all about, don't you?). Everyone kowtow to the Bigot Block, because they are organized and powerful and have a really mean Jesus on their side.

(Sorry, Jesus. I know it isn't about you.)



HeatherJ said...

What would Jesus do? Jesus would play the damn commercial. You always hear the right wing complaining about equal time, well here you go, a church that actually cares about "everyone". It is impossible for many churches to even comprehend that.

Sorry, I am pig-biting mad too.

super des said...

I saw a commercial like this once in Fresno for a local church. same premise - "minorities" were being welcomed with open arms. I was not offended, and apparantly neither was Fresno.

however, since I no longer live there AND I no longer watch tv, I don't know if this commercial still airs.

nonlineargirl said...

I'm not clear how this puts down other religions. Maybe if it said "....neither do we (unlike those stinky xxxans, who'd just as soon spit on you as look at you)" I could understand.

I'm annoyed, but there will be no pig-biting. I like pork and all, but have you ever seen a dog go after one of those dried sow's-ears? Eww. I can't imagine being so mad that I'd want to nip at one of those.

wordgirl said...

I don't think the add actually point an accusing finger at any one relgion. It simply extolls the virtues of the UCC for its open-door policy. What's wrong with that?

SUEB0B said...

I gave Goldie one of those pig-ears ONCE. She farted so bad it almost killed me. And I'm a vegetarian. So no literal pig-biting here.

gandhi rules said...

I'm sick of being rejected before people even meet me. I know this isn't about me but I take it personally. To know I'm excluded if I tell someone I'm gay even though I know they'd like me if they didn't know, sucks. The karma these people create is such a sad cycle of outwardly inflicted pain and eventually their own personal pain. I'd like to say they deserve it but I'm too tired of this to feel that way right now.

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