25 September 2006

An open letter to Yoplait yogurt

Dear Yoplait,

I appreciate the fact that you want to help in the fight against breast cancer. The pink yogurt lids are very cute.

I will not, however, be saving the lids, rinsing them, collecting them, and sending them to you so you can donate a dime apiece to fighting cancer.

I figure I eat about 5 Yoplait yogurts a month. That's $6 per year if I collect lids for a whole year.

I know you're trying to be good corporate citizens, but can you just gimme a break and send the Susan G. Komen Foundation a check for $6 instead of waiting for my grubby, sour-milk-smelling lids?

I think you're just being petty if you can't agree to that.


PS (this p.s. is not to Yoplait. It is to everyone else. My dear dog Goldie's lovely photo is up over at Dog Gone Blog. Go take a look. She is so pretty!


Mignon said...

And there a damn pain in the ass to get off too! Yoplait! *shaking fist* I can barely get the water bill in the mail, let alone 12 scotch-taped scraps of pink foil...

I was thinking the same thing this morning as I peeled back the pink.

Suzanne said...

Excellent point. If Yoplait really wanted to help, they could just track the sale of the cartons with pink lids. It's not like they don't know how many they made and sold. Of course, by forcing people to send lids in, it guarantees that they will pay out less. Evil corporation!

I'm glad I eat Stonyfield Farm.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I never understood the lid saving campaign. The only thing it has accomplished (in my family) is a deep feeling of guilt every time I throw away one of those pink lids. Like I need more guilt in my life?

thanks for the linky love, my friend!

meno said...

And what about the 37 (or is it 39 now) cents it cost to send the damn lids, that's 4 lids right there. I go fo rthe high fat Brown Cow w/cream myself.

that is one happy looking puppy dog.

super des said...

We should actually write them a letter. "good" corporations give to charity on their own (then announce it), not make us do all the damn work.

Lisa said...

Goldie is georgous! What a sweet pup!

And yes, you are right. The lids, if you don't wash them off thoroughly and right away get gross. And who wants to deal with them then?

VenturaMom from said...

Sue, I'm glad you were able to put into words the horrible issues Yoplait's pink lid campaign has wrought. Tee hee hee. And I yes Mrs. Chicky, I get a case of the guilts tossing the lids too. Catholic upbringing.

SUEB0B said...

THAT's it - that's what was bugging me that I didn't quite articulate. The guilt!

Basically no one is sending in these lids and everyone is standing around eating their yogurt feeling guilty over that stupid dime...and Yoplait isn't doing anything other than making us feel bad.

If you ever get a chance, try the Straus Creamery Whole Milk yogurt. It is probably only available in Calif, but it is divine and the Straus family is so very nice.

Anonymous said...

"Mmm... This yogurt is new shoes good!"

"This yogurt is third date good!"

"This yogurt is moldy old bits of foil that make a corporation look like it cares about medical research good!"

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I eat a lot of Yoplait and I'm just not a saver of the lids. I'd rather send in the cash myself.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good points here. For another interesting twist on the topic of the "pinking" of breast cancer awareness, there are several articles I link to from my website, http://www.honestmedicine.typepad.com, that you might like to read. Here are just a few of them:

To access the articles, go to the left side of my site, and look under “CANCER”:

1) "Welcome to Cancerland: A Mammogram Leads to a Cult of Pink Kitsch," by Barbara Ehrenreich. A classic.

2) Chemo Concession (gives some surprising information about the chemotherapy industry)

Both articles will give you another perspective on the “think pink” phenomenon. I hope you will find them informative. Thanks for giving them a look!

Julia Schopick

Neel Arurkar said...

Very true. I eat about 20 every month. But still I wouldnt take the pains to save the trash and mail it to them. I doubt their intentions to support the foundations. Why the heck do they need the stupid lids to donate? Probably because no one would send them to them...

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