27 September 2006

A short quiz

1. Name four musical artists or groups that make you want to tear off your ears and stomp on them.
a. Ani Difranco
b. Aimee Mann
c. Yes
d. Britney Spears (is that too easy? It's the duck voice)

2. Name four musical artists or groups that make you happy to be alive every single time you hear them
a. Emma Kirkby
b. A.R. Rahman
c. Wolfgang Amadeus Muthaf***ing Mozart
d. Los Lobos


super des said...


I like Ani, but I can see how one mightn't. All your other choices I agree with, especially the phrasing "tear off your ears and stomp on them" because this a sentence I often use myself.

Christina said...

Uh, let's see...

a. Celine Dion
b. Britney Spears
c. Pussycat Dolls
d. Joh Mayer

a. Barenaked Ladies
b. Evanescence
c. Shakira
d. Michael Ball (he's not known much here, but popular in England)

SUEB0B said...

Thanks, Christina. I was so looking forward to seeing people's lists and I guess I should have asked for people to play along.

meno said...

ear tearing:
a.) Lincoln Park (that boy will have no vocal cords left soon)
b.) John Mayer. (Gives me diabetes just to listen.)
c.) ZZ Top
d.) Evanescence (sorry christina)

happy to be alive:
a.) Patty Griffin
b.) Lucinda Williams
c.) Death Cab for Cutie
d.) Yeah, Mozart

giddybug said...

Rip off my ears and stomp on them?

1. Celine Dion
2. Whitney Houston
3. Mariah Carey
4. Mark Chesnutt

Happy to be alive?

1. George Gershwin
2. They Might Be Giants
3. Trout Fishing in America
4. Sarah Vaughan

Anonymous said...

Aimee Mann. That's for me, right? Thanks! She happens to be one of the most skilled songwriters working, no less than a Burt Bacharach influenced folk-rocker with fine lyrical sensibilities [soft of an improved Elvis Costello]. She can't sing well, I grant you that but as a songwriter, she is without equal. Boo on you.

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