28 September 2006

Treat me like a dog

Goldie is half greyhound. Greyhounds are notorious for being emotionally sensitive (when they aren't running down rabbits and tearing them limb from limb, that is).

My dog pays attention to every mood, and while she doesn't care so much if I am happy, but if I am upset, SHE gets upset.

I can't swear around her. If I drop something and yell "G*dd*mn it!" she cowers as if someone is going to be killed. (I know, you're thinking "Suebob drops things and swears? And I thought she was the Perfect Picture of Grace and Composure!")

So I generally speak to her in calm, soothing tones. The sentence I say to her over and over is "You're a good girl." I alternate that with "You're a pretty girl," and "You're a GOOD dog."

Compare that with what goes on in my own head:
"You are SUCH a freak."
"I can't stand myself."
"I'm an idiot."
"I'm so stupid."

It's like I have an abusive committee of mean high school girls in my head, making horrible comments all day long. I don't know why I do it, either. It really does become wearysome. When someone else criticizes me, I think "Really, you don't have to -" because I have undoubtedly told myself worse things than they can ever think of.

Here is my new plan for the week: try to talk to myself as kindly as I talk to Goldie. Just for one week, I'm going to treat myself like a dog, because I'm a GOOD girl.


Anonymous said...

Tell the imaginary harpies to STFU.
You're a good girl, a very good girl. You want to go for a ride?

Stephanie said...

Ooh scratchesss behind the earrrs, scratchesss above the taaail, scratchesss on the chessst. Let me see if I can get your leg going...

meno said...

That's a good idea, but try to not eat any garbage or socks.


Anonymous said...

Woof, woof!

Wag, wag, wag.

Wiggle, wiggle.

Pant, pant.

Lick, lick.

And that's how we all feel about you, suebob.

Chair said...

I'm lookin' into getting a greyhound, though I'm hoping to get some sort of mix, who knows what I'll come across. At any rate, from what I've read, the best indication that a greyhound is right for me is that they tend to fart a lot when they're nervous/anxious/whatever. It'll fit right in!

Unknown said...

SueBob, you need the book "There Is Nothing Wrong With You." I bought it for a friend and whenever we start hearing each other talk the "negative self-talk" we give it to each other to read.

The funny thing is, its written like a children's book so if you read it repeatedly you start to get the message.

Dude, you buy it or I'm sending it either way!! Go get it!!

super des said...

Plants grow better when they are talked to. These should all be a hint for you.

Who wants a treat?

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

LOL I agree you are a very GOOD girl and deserve nice pats and lots of treats.

Lisa said...

Good for you! Be kind to yourself chicky.

We all think you are super cool and fun. (And a wonderful writer to boot!) So tell yourself what we're thinking when it comes to you!

Suzanne said...

Do you think our committees ever meet and swap ideas? They seem to say a lot of the same things.

As an aside, I have made a mental note to keep my giant rabbit Tycho Bunnae away from Goldie. Opposite coasts will have to be the case for these two!

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