29 September 2006

Wake me when it is over

Am I having a bad dream, or did congress just vote to say torture is ok? And that people don't need the right to a fair trial, or to even know why they are being held?

Um, if we are fighting for freedom...WTF is freedom? I mean, once you start the torture, the incommunicado detention, and the tribunals, what kind of freedom do we have? How are we different from the bad guys now?

I want my constitution back. Help.


super des said...

One of the papers here (incorrectly) said that Gov. Arnie is a democrat. If he's a democrat, lord help us all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Suebob, don't you know that if the good guys are torturing, it's okay. And we're the good guys, right?




Heather said...

I know. I found this pretty horrifying too.

Suzanne said...

Hey man, relax! The Constitution is way over rated!


Christina said...

I'd also like to know what happened to our constitution. In some ways, we're worse than those we're fighting. At least they're upfront about their form of justice. We hide ours and pretend to call it freedom.

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