18 September 2007


One of the things I wish I could go back and tell my 18-year-old self is how hard it is to make friends as an adult, so you should definitely try and hang on to the ones you have.

I dunno why it seems so rare and wonderful to find someone who is willing and able to be your friend as a 40-something when it is SO EASY in high school. Kind of like dating, I guess. As you age, you become more and more selective, until you have done selected yourself out of the pool.

The pool! Funny you should mention the pool! Because my latest proto-friend, Mary, is someone I met at the pool.

She is a plant breeder (10 points in her favor). She is funny as hell (another 10 points). She loves dogs (5 points. Who DOESN'T love dogs? Only the most messed up of people).

But here is ultimate proof of her Fitness for FriendhoodTM:

The scene: Water Aerobics Class

Instructor (who never, ever, stops talking, and who is a Major Control Freak): I have had some complaints, so from now on, NO TALKING IN CLASS.
Mary, instantly, to me: Yeah, right. So what is going on with you?

We talked all through the rest of class. Quietly, in the back row. With the Instructor Wench glaring at us. We discussed the Unabomber, hair coloring, and the Dodgers. I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Lynnea said...

It is so much more difficult to make friends as an adult. I think you've found a winner. Anyone who loves plants and can carry a conversation about the Unabomber is a keeper!

Blog Antagonist said...

She said that to a class of adults? Weird. But yeah, you're lucky. It is hard and it just shouldn't be, should it?

mamatulip said...

No talking? In a class for adults?

That's kind of...pushy.

BOSSY said...

Totally high school. She sounds perfect.

lizgwiz said...

Your new friend sounds cool!

College, for me, was the magical friendship-making time. It was so easy, being surrounded all the time with people who shared your interests and who were young enough to spend endless hours sitting around, drinking and talking, with little need for sleep.

The friends I've made as an adult are almost all music/theatre people. I don't know if I'd have any friends at all if I didn't do those things.

QT said...

I agree - it is tough to make friends with people the older you get. I was never that great at it, and that didn't get better with age, either.

Your new freind sounds FAB!

meno said...

I wonder what opportunities we miss to make friends because we are all busy pretending that we don't need any more. At least that's been my experience. It seems like everyone but me is full up in the friend department.

I like Mary.

Anonymous said...

Wow I like her already! When do we all meet for drinks? Lol!

Suzanne said...

Rock on, Mary! You guys gotta keep creating waves. Ba dum dum.

Anonymous said...

I was going to once again go off on the breastfeeding thing...and remind you that you totally have a boob (two) in the issue because it's a woman's issue...but...anyhoooo...what I really want to say now is" YOU HARVESTED BANNANAS?" Really?

Anonymous said...

Man, I feel you. It definitely gets harder to find the time to cultivate friendships. Good for you!

Amie Adams said...

Definitely BFF material.

Anonymous said...

Your new friend sounds like my kind of friend, too. "No talking in class"? Excuse me?

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