20 September 2007

The storm of PMS

There is a tendency to think of the strong emotions that we experience during PMS as "hormonal" or "bitchy" or somehow not as valid as our other emotions.

I think of it differently - my theory is that the hormonal storm of PMS blows our locked doors open, and feelings that we successfully hide all month come rushing out.

Twenty-something days a month we can swallow it and smile and make nice. But for a few days, mother nature takes over and strips us of our fake expressions and ROAR! We are women! Fear us!!

Another dead blue whale has been found off our shores.

Normally I would feel a little sad, shrug and move on. But it is That Special Time, so things are different.

I am ANGRY and UPSET and CRAZY and BEWILDERED. WTF is going on? These animals live from 40-80 years and they are endangered, with only 8,000-14,000 worldwide (before whaling, there were close to 300,000).

Why are there 2 dead in one week in the same place? I hope to God it isn't that sonar testing, and if it is, I hope some intrepid journalist digs up the evidence.

This is a live whale and calf.

Here is the link to the petition for the Navy to end their whale-killing sonar program again. Please sign it, link it, and pass it along.



And in other fairly appalling news, I have vestiges of the racist South, right here in my sidebar ads. Here's what the Wikipedia entry has to say:
When white South Carolina planters were unable to make their rice crops thrive, “slaves from West Africa’s rice region tutored planters in growing the crop.”[2] In the American South whites once commonly referred to elderly black men as uncle even though they were not blood relations. During the later 20th century this was considered patronizing and demeaning and was widely deprecated.
To be fair, when the Uncle Ben brand was established, such racist imagery was common in advertising (Aunt Jemima, anyone). And a few years ago, Uncle Ben was promoted to "chairman of the board." I just can't wait to meet some Fortune 500 CEOs so I can start calling them "Uncle" and "Aunt."

Aunt Pattie Woertz of the Fortune 500


dizzle rivera said...

Oh, I just commented about the 2nd whale on the other post. . . Of the approx 12,000ish blue whales left, 3,000 of them have shown up on the Cali coast recently for some extra feeding due to extra food swimming around here. So, yea, the special sonar would help navigate through the influx.

I'M PISSED TOO. I can't imagine how I'll feel when I'm PMS'ing.

the mystic said...

I signed.

About PMS, a few months ago I told my husband I was having the weirdest period -- I was bleeding too much, for too long and it just wasn't "normal."

And he said that he had noticed it wasn't normal too, because I hadn't been "bitchy" the week prior. (He thought this nice and then heavy period was an improvement over "normal".)

I told him no -- I MUCH prefer bitchy followed by LIGHT bleeding -thankyouverymuch!

Blog Antagonist said...

The whale thing upsets me too. And the gorilla story in Newsweek had me sobbing in the waiting room of Diminutive One's therapist.

Man is soon going to find himself alone on this planet and it's going to be catastrophic.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right about PMS. Last night my calendar popped up "28" cause I like to have the reminder that it's coming. I thought it was odd that I hadn't been bitchy or sad, but maybe because I've been having such a good week, there was nothing to release.

Although I am cramping a bit as I write this ;)

Anonymous said...

I was listening to the news last night about that dead whale. They are expecting it to wash up today I think. Its so sad.

In other news, I think you are my new best friend. Its hard to find fellow Dodger bloggers from so cal! :-)

MrsFortune said...

I have had nightmares every day this week about dead whales.

And no PMS here ...

Alex Elliot said...

Whenever I get my period or when I was pregnant, I feel like I some how have the courage to say things that I normally would keep to myself.

Anonymous said...

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I go out of town for a week and you turn into a " Dodger Blogger " ?????????
Remember, Miss RS., Ye cannot serve two masters.
Angel Apologist

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