17 September 2007

Unclear on the whole priorities thing

I don't really have a boob in this whole public breastfeeding issue.

As a committed non-reproducer and cranky old spinster, my breasts are really more of an annoyance than a feature...in fact, the other day when I found yet another lump (don't worry, I'm just cysty), I started considering having them removed to save the trouble of more rounds of mammos and biopsies (needle and otherwise).

But as a human, I suppose I have to root for the continuation of the human race, which means feeding the darn things. I was surprised to learn from David Wescott via IzzyMom that Facebook doesn't feel the same way - they apparently allow pro-anorexia groups on their site but not breastfeeding pictures.

"Starvation good, feeding babies bad?" Is that how it goes? THAT seems kind of sick.

I could go on about the sexism and anti-woman/anti-child bias implied by this decision, but you're smart enough to connect the dots. It's a small battle, but I think it connects to a lot of larger issues, ones that are important even for people who aren't women or who don't have children.


Go check Izzy's post. She has some good links.


meno said...

I guess breast are only okay when they are being used to arouse, not when they are being used to nourish.


Elizabeth said...

Facebook allows pro-anorexia groups but not pro-breastfeeding groups? The HELL? Seriously, that is making me reconsider whether I even want to be associated with Facebook. Thanks for the info, Sue.

SUEB0B said...

Elizabeth - breastfeeding PHOTOS.

Izzy said...

"Starvation good, feeding babies bad?"

I think that sentence speaks volumes. Thanks for the great post!

Amanda said...

Great post!

DeSiReE said...

Yea, I think that's weird that people get so grossed out by breasts when they're not being used as sexual objects? Why is feeding a baby grotesque?

slackermommy said...

It's really very sad. I've been thinking and writing a lot lately about where are society is heading. I often worry myself sick about what kind of world I've brought my kids into. I know every generation had their worries and we are not the first but at any rate it's disconcerting. I feel like there is so much against me while I'm trying to raise my kids. I'm trying to teach one thing and society wants them to learn something else.

Great post, Sue Bob. It's good to read this from a women who has never breastfed. It gives me hope.

I'm off now to kick some anorexic ass.

VDog said...

Great post. I'm glad that you're talking about it as well, because this needs to be exposed to as many viewers as possible.

Izzy linked to me, or click on my name and scroll down to "Boycott Bill Maher!" I posted about it on Sunday, and I'm STILL all riled up!

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