29 May 2006

I'm not that pushy. I don't insist that often. But if you haven't already, please go read this beautiful letter to her son "MamaSaysOm - Ache" at La Vie en Rose...A Sweet Life.

Michelle is an amazing young woman. A beautiful spirit, an explorer, someone who sees life and motherhood deeply and with a creative, fresh eye. I envy her talent so much that I want to share it with the world.

Also sweet: dear, dear Mr. Rogers. He really believed in what he was doing.


gandhi rules said...

Is dear, dear Mr. Rogers supposed to be a link? It's not taking me to it.

SUEB0B said...

Thanks, Gandhi. Only a true friend will tell you your links are broken.

chelle said...

Thanks for sharing the links!

gandhi rules said...

Oh my, that made me cry.

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