29 May 2006

Spring fevah

I love you, nature. Why are you trying to kill me? It is a beautiful spring day and I am inside blowing my nose...hay fever. I look and feel like my face has sprung several leaks. ick.


noncommon said...

there is nothing worse than geting hit with the crud when it's beautiful outside! it just defies logic. when it's pretty out, all is supposed to be right with the world. one is simply NOT supposed to be inside feeling like crap. sorry. take good drugs!

Buffy said...

I can't breathe four months out of the year.

Ahhhh hay fever.

super des said...

various nasal sprays.

I used to work in a pharmacy in allergy land, CA. Nobody has allergies until they move to Davis and breathe in enough of that wonderful ag dust.

Not only did I dispense the medications, I also used them myself.

SUEB0B said...


Benadryl - instant sleep

Claritin - ALSO instant sleep, but for 24 hours instead of 4. I am among the 10 percent for whom Claritin is drowsy-making. Lucky, huh?

Allegra - are you kidding? My allergies LAUGH at Allegra

I use NasalCrom, which helps a bit. But for about the past 4 years, my allergies have gone more and more into my eyes. Some mornings I wake up looking like Yertle the Turtle.

I lived in San Luis Obispo for 20 years. I think it is right up there with Davis. Mr. Stapler went to school there and said SLO was worse for him.

Thanks for the suggestions though. Nothing has really helped since they took Seldane off the market, sniff.

Anonymous said...

Lovely hayfever. Totally sucks. Sorry.

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