01 June 2006


A little something for everyone. This is such good stuff that I could not wait to get home and post it for you.

Crafty. And hilarious. Make some of these lovely yarn things for your loved ones and they will never forget you. "I don't know if it's the parched, dangling tongues or the crudely shapen appendages, but something just isn't sitting well."

Don't mess with her. Hysterical post about what can go wrong when your husband decides to invite a film crew to use your house as a location...."I do admit to being the owner of a sharp tongue. I am also anal, bossy, and on a deadline."

Sweet. Greater love hath no one than a friend who helps out in a time of crisis. Warning: made me cry. "Much of that time in my life is a blur but I will always remember the overwhelming feeling that someone cared enough to help me out like that."

Caustic. And funny. This writing kills me. "...she found the nearest pile of mulch and did a bellyflop into it. When she got up she looked like she had been tossed around in a giant bag of Shake-n-Bake (Baby flavor)."

Scary. More news of malfeasance from the Bushies. Is anything they will stoop to surprising anymore?

Idiocy. Weren't we just talking about the Bush administration?

Smart. A really fine, simple explanation of net neutrality. What it is, why it is important. "The deepest pockets are not the deepest sources of innovation -- to the contrary...When was the last time a new telephone service was introduced? Call-waiting?"

Ranting. Supafine in high feminist dudgeon, and it is worth reading. "The "Mommy wars" and all these books about motherhood focus on a different class of people than the one I belong to. I don't have the luxury of choosing whether or not to work."


Izzy said...

That post from Supafine that you linked to was fucking amazing. Thanks for the clue :)

cameo said...

ditto izzy! this was the perfect post for the 3:55 insomnia driven visitor (me).

supa said...


Amazing what I come up with during my dudgeon periods.

Awesome links! Thanks for the love, peeps!

chelle said...

I so love it when people share the love!! Great links!

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