16 December 2005

A bridge too far

Those of us who have never outgrown our college frugality or nerdness love Ikea.

Their clever showrooms, their modern Swedish design, their wacky yet practical furniture...what is not to love? To top it off, they name everything in Swedish, so you can buy my favorite lamp, the Flygel, or a bookshelf called Jornalist...but now they have gone too far with the names.

I present, and I am not joking, Fartfull.

Are those crazy Swedes from Ikea just sitting around laughing at us, or what?

Late dinner

2 raspberry poptarts and a glass of pinot noir.

12 December 2005

I still find this amusing

I don't know why I love this church sign generator site so much. I just do.

Less wires

My new home is not only wireless (I don't have a phone) but cable-less, too. Yes, I have become one of the 2 percent of Americans who do not have a television.

I decided that, in the last 10 years, I had had about 40 minutes of joy while watching TV, and those few moments were all thanks to the Daily Show or to Ali G. And Ali G ain't even making shows anymore, is he?

TV is stupid. It was making me stupider. So in an effort to be and get smarter, here I am. Maybe I will pop a DVD into my computer LOL.

11 December 2005

Girlz in the hood

My new neighborhood has some things my old one didn't.

Las Posadas, for one.

As I was driving out tonight, I saw a crowd of about 50 gathered in a front yard for what must be the first night of Las Posadas, the celebration of Mary and Joseph's search for an inn to stay in. When I returned three hours later, the party was winding down, with just a few celebrants outside.

I'm no closet Catholic, but I must say Mexicans make the religion look like a lot of fun.
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