10 February 2006

Calorie counter

Walking the dog at a rapid pace = 330 cal per hour
Walking the dog at a rapid pace to the Mexican bakery = +3000 calories per hour

My blogosphere

I realized today I have an illusory world in my head where everyone on my blog bookmark list knows each other and hangs out together.

Heather calls Mrs. Kennedy and Jenijen for parenting advice and commiserates with Melissa about jealous blog stalkers who leave evil comments.

Of course Candice hangs out with Josh, since they are both in college, and has even forgiven him for never, ever, posting anymore.

Every blogger's library is the Foxy Librarian's library. We are all eagerly waiting to get together with American Robin and Emily to talk about their African adventures. We work in a cubicle down from Jack Burden and work out at Granny Liz's gym.

We have these cool friends who have online kind of art projects, Frank of PostSecret and whatshername of Swapatorium.

The thing we have most in common, however, is how dang pissed we are when Blogger goes down for a "planned outage."Feh.

09 February 2006

Subtropical Joy

I know this photo of my banana-crop-to-be won't be as thrilling to some of you in warmer climes, like Dobbs, but for me, living as I do in just about the northernmost point in the U.S. where bananas can successfully be grown...well I am beside myself with pride and happiness at my baby bananas.

After three years of being cranky and miserable in my old home, my new little spot just a mile from the beach with my own banana tree seems like pure paradise. Every day I look out the window and smile and feel like I have been, as Dickens said "Recalled to Life!"

05 February 2006

Four memes about me

I totally stole this meme idea from someone else's blog. But that's what you get on Sunday night.

Four Jobs I've Had: fern wholesaler (with my sis - our boss Kim was a huuuuuge manic-depressive psycho but we had so much fun together it didn't matter), movie theater candy girl (like Mrs. Kennedy over at Fussy.com - I looked fabulous in polyester and met Marius, the wack-job Love of My Life), cook in a terrible restaurant (can you say "too much margarine?", newspaper reporter (which if greedy bastard newspaper companies would pay a decent wage, I would still be).

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over: "Babette's Feast," "Tampopo," "Winged Migration," and "Repo Man."

Four Places I've Lived: Gaviota, California, Buellton, California (seen "Sideways"? that's where the Hitching Post is), Joliet, Illinois, and San Luis Obispo, California (where the biting black flies are just horrible).

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch: I don't have a TV and I am PROUD of it. But "Wife Swap" used to make me roll on the floor laughing, and I love me some Oprah.

Four Places I've Been on Vacation: Kauai (don't skip snorkeling. If you go, you MUST snorkel. It is a spiritual experience), Phoenix, (Baseball Spring Training, duh) Oaxaca, Mexico (heaven for food lovers. Especially if you like grasshoppers! Chapulines!) and Baja California (not really Mexico, but cheap and plentiful beer).

Four Websites I Visit Daily: Go Fug Yourself, Google at least 20x, Chowhound.com and the California Highway Patrol incident site to see how long it is going to take me to get home.

Four of My Favorite Foods: Raspberries, Artichokes, Lemon Curd and Blue-cheese stuffed green olives.

Four Places I'd Rather Be: Spain, the Canary Islands, Southern Mexico, Kauai. Basically anywhere. I love to wake up anywhere but here. And I like it here, too.

Four Albums I Can't Live Without: The Bach Cello variations with Yoyo Ma, or maybe Jacqueline DuPre. Kiko and the Lavender Moon by Los Lobos. And any 2 Israel Kamakawiwa'ole albums.

Four Famous People I've Seen in the Flesh: I interviewed Rosalynn Carter (I'm not worthy - she is a Goddess), interviewed Dave Barry (he was much more reserved than you might think. I was desperately nervous because I knew he had been a newspaper reporter forever) ushered and was backstage (onstage, really) with Bill Cosby, to whom we were not allowed to speak, Will Smith at my gym and President Josiah Bartlett I mean Martin Sheen at lunch, but the thrill of thrills was interviewing Anthony Bourdain of "Kitchen Confidential." He is a total sexy rockstar chef. That is six but who cares? Oh and I got a hug from George Foreman, whose hugeness cannot be overstated. I never thought about boxing much til he hugged me. Then it struck me how brave Ali must have been to get into a boxing ring and ASK to have George Foreman hit him. It made my blood run cold to think of it. Ejole! Oh, he really loves that grill thing, too. He isn't faking it.
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