01 May 2010

Modern Motherhood

Nancy at aqua aerobics was telling me how her daughter, who is 16, had come home late from a movie with her boyfriend.

Nancy was already in bed.

"I heard them come in and heard them talking, then it got quiet, but I didn't hear him leave. So I texted her and told her Aaron had to go home. She texted me back 'No cuddling?' and I texted her 'NO.'"

She texted her daughter so she didn't have to get up out of bed and face the boyfriend in her PJs.

Who says technology isn't making life better?

30 April 2010

WTF Friday

Things I Just Don't Get

  • The appeal of "The Jersey Shore"

  • Classic Rock Stations. Ok, every once in a while. But ALL THE TIME?

  • People who don't like dogs

Goldie stuck her head in the trash can that had hair dye in it.
I mean, who DOESN'T like an animal who sticks their head in the trash can that has hair dye in it and manages to dye their own neck?
  • My neighbor and his earth-rattling subwoofers

  • Surfers who are mad at kitesurfers and stand-up-paddlers because they are on "their" waves

  • Almost every Facebook game

  • The sheer over-the-top ugliness of the Pontiac Aztek

  • Why prisons won't order DNA tests for people due to be executed who request them. Do they not want to be sure if they are killing the right person?

28 April 2010

Dear Spammers

My readers are not interested in seeing any young ladies nude on the pages of Red Stapler. They have the rest of the internet for that.

Thank you.

Today's spam naked picture offer: Hayden Panettiere
4/29: Melania Knauss
4/30: Toni Braxton, Natalie Imbruglia, Erika Christensen
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