12 November 2008


I missed my 3rd blogiversary. But only by 3 days, so not that bad, really. Especially considering I have never, ever mailed a birthday card fewer than 2 days after someone's birthday.

I looked back at my first posts, some of which were never published, but only saved as drafts. Man, I was MAD back then. Whoo. I was on the verge of moving out from the house where I had lived with the exMr Stapler for almost 4 years and I was not a happy girl. Back then, it was all his fault.

Three years later, things are less clear and assigning blame seems much less important. I will also be eternally grateful to him for supporting me financially while I went back to college. That made it possible for me to achieve the lush lifestyle I have now (I can support me AND my dog! Eat crackers AND cheese!) which I certainly never could have done in this expensive town before. So.

Occasionally I think I should try to make my blogging life less complicated. Pare my feed reader down from 150 blogs to the 20 or so I really, really love. But removing a blog from my reader is always a Sophie's Choice and inevitable ends up with me running into that blogger shortly thereafter and being totally embarrassed I haven't been reading their blog and wondering why I ever took it off my reader to boot.

I just love you all too much. Three years later it still amazes me that how, whenever we get together in person, that we are "real" friends, that conversation flows easily and that laughs come often. I appreciate it so.

It doesn't seem like three years. It seems like a lifetime, but in a good way. Thank you for reading, for commenting, and for being there when I need you. Ok, time for me to get the kleenex out.
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