12 June 2009

Questions in 50 words or less

When you go "ass over teakettle," which part is the teakettle?

Subwoofers: why?

Do all kids like high school now, or just the ones I interview?

Did you claim your facebook URL?

Is there an acceptable prejudice?

09 June 2009

Put this on your bucket list

See a California Condor.

No, really, you gotta do it. It is lump-in-the-throat worthy. I don't know why big animals are so special, but they are. Condors are like IMAX birds.

Their wing span is 9 feet or so. They have four at the Santa Barbara Zoo and it was worth every penny of the $11 entry fee just to see them.
Condor wings

There are also some cute penguins in case you like your birds smaller and with less flight. Penguin

You can also pay another $4 to take the train. The train tours areas of the zoo you don't normally get to see, like the piled-up crap behind the cages, the cages behind the other cages, and the spare train. I wouldn't say it is worth the price, but you do get to sit down, so there's that.
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