06 September 2007

August ROFL awards

It is ROFL time again and I have a post for you: The I'mperfect Mom on Becoming Part of Mom.

I loved this post because it is both funny and poignant.
Pretty soon, I was scraping off dried pink Dove soap and blue Head & Shoulders shampoo bits off the tub with my fingernails. Five minutes later, instead of soaking in a lavendar and chamomile infused soup of relaxation, I was in full Toilet Cleaning mode, replete with gloves, Scotch Brite sponge and Kaboom! Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner, rubbing and scrubbing.

In addition to being genetically incapable of relaxing in the bathtub, The I'mPerfect Mom captures that realization that we all have sooner or later (hopefully sooner): OMG MY MOM WAS HUMAN! With faults and tiredness and confusion just like me!

A full list of winners can be seen over at either Chicky, Chicky Baby or MetroMama.

Congrats to all the winners. And I'mPerfect Mom, I will send you your button just as soon as I figger it out.

05 September 2007

Ink stained fun

I was just sitting around feeling miserable about the achy state of my heart and my recent overwhelming home ant infestation when my neighbor Jay called out from his back porch:

"Sue, hey Sue."

I came out to see what he wanted and he pointed out a glowing red sky in the distance.

"You wanna go check it out?" I asked. Even though he was wearing his jammies, he said yes. Jay is a good sport that way.

We hopped in the Bluemobile and went looking for news. We had to drive around for a bit because the power was out downtown and it was dripping with blackness and we took a few twists and turns because everything looked so unfamiliar in the dark dark dark.

But eventually we found a hillside on fire, a downed power line, some firefighters and sheriffs, and a handful of onlookers. I dug my press pass out of the glove box and dragged Jay out of the car.

"Um, I'm in my PJs here," he said. I think he might have been a little high, too.

He was too late to stop me. I was already in girl reporter mode and started talking to people and found the guy who had discovered the fire. I scrawled some quotes on a folder I had found in my car because a notebook was nowhere to be found.

After a couple minutes, I decided that it wasn't that big of a deal and that Jay probably wanted to go home, so I brought him back and called the night editor with my quotes. Somebody else will get all the details from the fire department and write the story tomorrow.

I don't care that I'm not writing the story or that I won't get more than an "also contributed" at the bottom.

It just put me in such a better frame of mind. Me going out on a news story is like how a border collie must feel while herding sheep: doing what I am meant to do. All neurons firing. Happy.

04 September 2007

How long, o Lord, how long?

I have been mostly avoiding writing about my grief over my sister's death.

It is just generally too tedious for public consumption, isn't it? I mean, the world wants you to Move On and Be Better, but that doesn't always happen on a neat little timeline.

Today my mom was saying that she hoped my brother-in-law would find a nice lady to spend his life with.

On the surface, I could agree. He certainly deserves all the love and fine companionship in the world.


And I'm thinking this about my own mom, my sister's mom. I know she is trying to be nice, to think of my brother-in-law.

But the hole in my universe is so much bigger than that. It isn't something that can be ignored or stepped over. It is shocking to me that my mom doesn't see it, doesn't feel it the same way I do.

Of course she is in her 80s and feels ready to die herself (she has told me so), so her perspective is different.

And I think my sister was probably ready to die, but that doesn't mean I was ready for her to.

(Weird about this post: it labeled ITSELF "God." I swear I had nothing to do with that. I went back and erased it because it was freaking me out.)

03 September 2007

Extra day

What is it about having ONE MORE DAY in a weekend that makes it so magically delicious?

I got so much stuff done this weekend and it all seemed fun and effortless. The fridge is clean, the floors are clean, all the laundry is done AND I got to go to the beach and the pool and the gym and the movies.

I could totally do this every week.

Snackish is back

I have been meaning to revive my food blog, Snackish, for some time.

I got a couple review copies of cookbooks in the mail and that was the little shove I needed.
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