01 September 2009

Dating Stories

Three girlfriends and I were having lunch on the patio of a gorgeous Argentine cafe in Santa Barbara, pretending to be the Sex in the City girls except without painful shoes, buckets of money and alcoholic beverages.

Between flirting with the waiters, we were talking about a budding relationship.

My friend said she had had an accidentally romantic meal with the New Guy - she had been making dinner, he was hungry, he came over, the kitchen table was a mess, so she set the patio table...with candles...

"And then after dinner, guess what he wanted to do?" she asked.

"What?" we asked.

"Clean up the kitchen," she answered with a smug smile.

"Ohhhhhh," we breathed simultaneously. We gave her the big thumbs-up.

Single men, pay attention. This is information you can use.


Later, CC and I were discussing past relationships.

"He was really good at the beginning," I said. "I think he is great at starting relationships."

"We all are," said CC ruefully. "Until we stop behaving and let our real selves come out."
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