10 March 2007

Little green leaves

Sorry about the serious dearth of posts.

Spring has sprung and I have been busy rolling around naked in fields of tiny flowers as I ponder what to make with the big, fat, juicy green asparagus spears I bought at Farmer's Market.

I am thinking maybe they would be best simply steamed and eaten with fingers while they are just cool enough not to burn my mouth.

UPDATE: Asparagus all eaten. Put a fork in me. I'm done.

08 March 2007

International Women's Day

Today is a day to celebrate women. All women. Pretty cool, huh?

To honor women in general, I would like to thank one woman specifically. I chose someone outside my family because inside is just too easy. I have fabulous women in my family - my entrepreneurial Gramie Janes, my heart-of-gold mom, my beautiful and talented sisters, my Aunt Elva (who wielded an axe quite literally).

Mary Hill was my teacher of A Course in Miracles for 7 years. She taught the class consistently twice a week for over 20 years, steadfastly moving forward as the Course gained and lost popularity and her class swelled and contracted.

We met once a week and spent two hours sitting on hard chairs, reading a hard book and talking. She had fabulous posture and looked like a Queen Mother sitting at the end of the table closest to the door, greeting everyone who came in.

She didn't mind if one person showed up to learn or 50 did. Her ego wasn't involved, which makes perfect sense. The Course is primarily a class in listening more to your heart than to your ego.

She also didn't mind if people asked tough questions, rude questions, got angry, were cynical. The Course could do that to people. She took them where they were. If they wanted to come back, she was happy to see them.

If they stormed out, baffled by the Course and its convoluted wording and conflicts with traditional Christianity, she wished them well and sent them on their way. Half the time they would stumble back a few months later, ready to learn some more.

Her actions matched her words perfectly. She didn't gossip, didn't get involved in personal drama. She prepared, she showed up, and she was open to whatever happened.

Just by being who she was, Mary Hill helped change my life. Under her care, I finally started to shed my cynical, mean shell and to open up to other people a little. When I started the class, I was at my lowest point, crying myself to sleep as I cursed God and life.

Her calm, steady presence helped me to leave that all behind and look for a brighter future. I am not even sure how it happened.

For that, I truly thank her, because for a little while there, I couldn't think of a single thing to live for and a future didn't really seem possible or probable.

She made it all look simple. If I could boil her philosophy down to a few words, it would be: Show up. Pay attention. Work hard. Do the work that is right in front of you. Love everyone as much as you can. Give good hugs.

Mary Olive Hill, rest in peace. Ok, that's not really likely. My guess is that she is improving heaven some way right now, and doing it with really, really good posture.

Happy Women's Day.

07 March 2007

9 hours of lovely sleep

Sitting in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Monday night, I got the news that I had to be at federal jury duty in downtown Los Angeles Tuesday morning at 7:45 a.m. Ah the woes of the leisure traveler.

I'm not complaining. I'm explaining.

The jury duty necessitated washing clothes all through the night so I would have something other than "Angels Cactus League Spring Training" shirts to wear. Then taking the 6:02 a.m. train into LA.

I was tired and spent most of the day in a zombified post-vacation daze, sitting in the jury room, watching Scooter Libby get convicted.

The best part of yesterday was a glorious cup of iced coffee while lounging under a blooming magenta bougainvillea vine on historic Olvera St. during lunch. It was about 75 degrees and the birdies were singing...who says LA isn't beautiful?

I went to bed at 8:40 last night. The sleep I got was better than any spa treatment. I am awake and ready to go. Alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic.

04 March 2007

Best line of the night

Jim: Scott used the power of "The Secret" to win (at the dog track).

Scott: What's the thing with "The Secret"?

Jim: The law of attraction. Like attracts like.

Scott: If that were true, all my dates would be hung like horses.

Now with even more yay

Sorry to pile on, but Yay for Internet access by the pool. My life is complete.

Wise Life Advice du jour: If you rent the car, spring for the GPS system for the extra $11 bucks a day. It may save your sanity and your relationship with your travel partner(s). It is so great to travel around everywhere without once yelling "I thought I said lEFT, you moron!"

Are you listening, Suzanne? (Suzanne, Husband and I had a long, convoluted car tour of some of the less scenic areas of San Jose last year at BlogHer.

With the help of the miraculous GPS, I unerringly drove the 16 miles or so to Unity of Phoenix and still had time for a Starbucks run before the service. The church was amazing. It looked like about 700 congregants, and I was at one of 3 morning services.

The boys are at the game and I am by the pool. I will order a pitcher of margaritas if you say you're coming over. Anyone?

Yay for wireless internet in your room

Yay for renting a big fat luxury SUV (an Infiniti FX35) with a decent sound system, especially since the soundtrack for the trips has been a $6.99 double CD of "Disco's Greatest Hits," so we really needed the big bass sound to do the sitting-down-driving dance to "Ring My Bell" and "Don't Leave Me This Way" as we drove the 100 miles south to Tucson.

Doug pitched 2 innings, gave up one run, and looked good in the Diamondbacks' new rust-colored jersey. The weather has been perfect and mild, though not mild enough to keep Jim from threatening to offer to smear sunscreen on the redheaded woman in front of us at the game.

We waited almost 2 hours for dinner at the Barrio Cafe. The food is so good that as soon as you taste it, you forgive them for not taking reservations and for being located in a neighborhood where scary-looking strangers hit you up for cash.

I had a roasted pepper soup and wild mushroom enchiladas, and yes, despite 22 years of vegetarianism even tasted the 12-hour roasted pork. The boys have been raving about it nonstop since the time we went to Barrio Cafe 3 years ago, so I HAD to.

Oh, and the guacamole - they toss on a handful of pomegranate seeds at the end when they make it, and I give that idea the big thumbs up. Crunchy and tangy and sweet goes so well with the smooth avocado...That food is so good that it makes you moan and bang on the table and think perhaps an orgasm is in order. Ok, almost.

I dreamt all night of having breast cancer. Stage 5 breast cancer, and since there are only 4 stages, I knew that was pretty bad. I said "Crap, I just got everything all figured out and now I'm dead." I woke up wondering "What did I have all figured out? And why can't I remember it now?"

Off to more Phoenician adventures. Hugs and kisses.
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