21 October 2006

Helpful Hint

TB, one of my blogging friends wrote a heartfelt post about one of the most difficult decisions she has ever made - getting an abortion at an early age - and the repercussions she still feels from it. She opened herself up and put her heart out there.

Some dorkwipe commenter posted that she shouldn't have made the decision she did and told her what she should have done (20 years ago) instead.
My wife and I adopted 2 children
It is not good for someone to kill a child befor they have a chance
you could have let a couple who cannot have kids adopt

As I wrote in the comments, my friend John has a response to this kind of idiot advice, the advice you get AFTER the fact and that you didn't ask for anyway.

He holds out one empty hand as if he is holding a notebook. He holds the other empty hand as if he is writing with a pen.

Then in his most sarcastic voice, he says "Oh, that's a good one. Let me get out my Air Book and write that down so I never forget it."

20 October 2006

Three a.m.

I used to lay awake worrying about my family's health, my job, the economy...

Now I worry about the goverment. Does anyone else have this problem?

18 October 2006

Status update

Boobs: officially healthy. Not perky, but healthy.


The year: 1976. Little Suebob is taking the first computer class her high school ever offered. She gets a visit from her Future Self.

Future Self: Don't worry about those tapes and punchcards.

High School Suebob: Why not?

FS: In 2006, you won't have to worry about programming. Someone will have done it all for you. Your computer will fit in a big purse and you'll be able to hear audio and watch video on it. All the computers in the world will be connected in one big system so you can talk to people all over.

High School Suebob: Cool. What will I use it for?

FS: To tell the world about your boobs.

17 October 2006

Counting my blessings

Boob biopsy: done. Results in 2 days.

It wasn't bad, not nearly as bad as Jonniker made it sound, which I very much appreciate. I mean, it is better to go in expecting it to be pretty bad and getting mild discomfort than the other way around.

AND the Doc and Tech were just lovely people. They seemed to think the other radiologist doc was being a little overcautious in even ordering these tests...and I think they are right.

Goldie Dog: has an ugly drain installed in her head, but it will all be over in 5 days. And 2 kind souls in my life contributed to her vet care fund, so I will be able to eat AND have a healthy dog. Yay.

The next one you have to sit down for: my church wants me to consider being on the board of directors.

Obviously they want me to be on the board because of my saintly nature.

Shut up.

Quit laughing.

It's not THAT funny. Ok, I give up. It is.

15 October 2006

In living color

Because my brain is tired, you get the photo post. This will also give you a break from my blathering.

First, a flashback for those who went to BlogHer. If you didn't drink too many Yahootinis, you may remember that it was held at the San Jose Hyatt, a slightly moth-eaten facility that featured, among other delights, bathrooms with no exhaust fans.

Imagine the horror of sharing a room with someone you just met, dining on greasy hors d'oeuvres for three days, and having an exhaust-fan-free bathroom. Yeah.

I'm not saying that Elizabeth and I had any...uh...problems, but it could have happened.

Mr Stapler and I recently stayed at the San Francisco Grand Hyatt, a slightly more upscale facility. But apparently the exhaust-fan ban is a chainwide phenomenon. Thus:
Ah, brings back memories.

Next, something I have been wondering about. See those little words "Serving Suggestion" in the bottom left?
They are on EVERYTHING. Why? Did someone complain that, when they bought a box of tomato soup, that they didn't get the bowl and the garnish?

There must be some kind of law about it. Is there some kind of federal dept of Serving Suggestion? No, don't answer that.

And last, my dryer.
See the text on the upper right? LESS DRY?

What does THAT mean? I dunno about you, but I have never, ever put something in my dryer and wanted it less dry. Have you?
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