14 January 2010

Show yourselves!

If you non-commenters would so indulge me, please delurk and tell me a few things:
Who are you?
Do you have a blog?
Why do you read Red Stapler?

Thank you! Even if you don't comment, thanks for reading.

13 January 2010

Two wheeling

Where have I been?

As Laura used to say "Peddling my ass around town."

By which she meant "Riding a bike." Oh, that Laura - what a prankster.

One of my new year's resolutions was to start riding my bike more. It's about time: I bought it two years ago - from an 80-year-old guy who was getting a new, different bike - and it has been sitting in the shed gathering dust ever since.

I was inspired to start riding by two women: Madness Rivera, who loves her bike so much she had it tattooed on her body, and, even though she is a body-dysmorphic daughter of Satan who needs to be pelted with flaming cheese blocks, Tall & Lucky Kristin, who I guess has some good ideas about fitness and hard work and blah blah blah.

Last weekend I took The Sofa Bike to The Bike Depot and they gave it a tune-up, installed my cool bell and adjusted the seat for me.

I rode Sunday and yesterday and today. Here are my rules: I can go as fast or slow as I want. I can stop whenever I want. But I have to go a little farther each day. Just a little.

I've been having fun, even getting *gasp* sweaty. THAT never happens. I haven't gone very far or very fast - Lance Armstrong probably does more mileage before he gets out of bed than I do on a ride, but Lance Armstrong isn't a big fat computer addict with a love of almond croissants, either.

The other day I got laughed at - LAUGHED AT - by a regular cyclist (one with a titanium bike and a Wonder bread colored bike jersey) who passed me on The Sofa Bike and said "Ha. That'll work."

Yes, indeed, Sonny. It will work for me.
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