28 November 2008

Six Things

I saw the "Six Weird Things About Me" over on someone else's blog and noticed that there were a bunch of rules attached...tag people, link back, yada yada yada...what a butt-ache.

But I'm pretty much a Sahara desert of posting ideas (hey, nothing draws readers in like telling them that you are a boring ass!) so you get Six Things Apropos of Nothing:

1. I refuse to shop at Costco because I live in earthquake country. I do not wish to be killed by a falling pallet of baby wipes. No amount of savings is worth that obituary.

2. I am superstitious. I HATE it when people say stupid things like "Hey, traffic is light today" when we are heading into Los Angeles. Anger the Traffic Gods on your own time, buddy.

3. I hate football with a hatey hatey hatred. It takes me back to those long weekends where dad would clutch the one remote to our one TV in his sweaty paw all weekend long, watching game after game after game. He would fall asleep with the remote in his hand, but if you tried to slide it out so you could watch something OTHER than football, he would instantly awake.

4. I think a proper dog has short hair for 2 reasons: dogs with wet fur around their mouths make me feel queasy and 2, I want a dog whose butt I never have to wipe. I am mean that way. Schnauzers. Eech.

5. Despite being a huge carb fanatic, donuts and pie hold no charm for me. I can easily skip either one. I would waaaay rather eat a bagel than a donut, if I am going for carbs with a hole in the center. And pie - who invented the obnoxiousness that is pie crust? It is like a zillion calories of doughy greasy boredom. Ugh. Who needs it?

6. One movie ending that is sure to make me hate the movie: the couple kisses while people stand around clapping or cheering. According to Hollywood, no one has ever had a first kiss in private. The best (worst) was in Titanic, when GHOSTS stood around cheering. Come ON, people.

26 November 2008


My minister's brother, Chris Norman, died of ALS last week at age 51. He left behind this video about what he had learned. I can't think of anything better to post for Thanksgiving.

And an old gospel favorite I used to hear on "The Old Ship of Zion" radio show on KCBX in San Luis Obispo on Sunday mornings - "I'm Blessed."

23 November 2008

UPDATE!!! I got the Santa Barbara ad in my sidebar! Woo hoo! You should really go there! It is the most beautiful place on earth. La Super Rica is my favorite restaurant...or maybe the Palace Cafe...and you must go to the Botanic Garden, the Museum of Art, and the Courthouse.

It's a crazy blogging life, isn't it?

I think the first time I heard of Fluid Pudding it was when Dooce mentioned a hilarious post she had written about taking a drink of something and then immediately forgetting what it was and wondering what was in her mouth...and I thought "Wow. There are other blogs besides Dooce?"

Fast forward three years to BlogHer08 where the one and only Angela from Fluid Pudding was my roommate. And thus I can tell you a secret about her: she is a perfectly quiet sleeper. Unlike SOME people who snort and snarf and fling the covers about while tossing and turning (namely me), you would not even know she was there.

Not only was she my roommate, but she brought Gooey Butter Cake for me, a confection that is so decadent that it is illegal in 14 states and 7 foreign countries.

Because we are very, very bad BlogHers, we skipped one of the morning keynote hooplas and went shopping instead. We went to a yarn store, where Angela was totally in her element and I was enamored by so many different yarns that had to hold myself back from buying them, even though I neither knit or crochet (I imagined myself sitting at home, fondling my very expensive hanks of handspun yarn).

This is Angela with some really beautiful orange yarn she bought. Right next to it, there is some fabulous purple yarn made of the same thing - I think it is silk and alpaca. She bought some of the purple yarn...for me!

Then we went and had fish tacos. God, I love hanging out with that woman.

Yesterday I got a package in the mail:
Scarf from Fluid Pudding
A soft lovely handmade scarf of the most beautiful yarn in the world (It's darker purple than the photo shows. A nice amethyst!)

I love this crazy blogging world. It feels like I belong here.
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