06 March 2009

Swingline, take me away!

I did something crazy. It was Suburban Turmoil's fault.

I was on Twitter and announced that I would not be going to BlogHer this year for the first time in four years.

The outcry was deafening. Ok, not deafening, but Lisa Stone, Schmutzie, Joy Unexpected and a few others were nice enough to express dismay.

Then Lindsay suggested that I try to get Swingline to sponsor my trip to Chicago, the connection being clear and obvious and all. I have taken over 300 great photos featuring their best (in my humble opinion) product and some of the coolest bloggers in the known universe.

So I wrote them a letter. I think they should sponsor me. They would be crazy not to! I mean, LOOK at this!
Joanne of Pundit Mom
That's famous blogger Pundit Mom modeling one of their products. This is marketing gold, people. If you can see that and not want a Red Swingline Stapler, well, there is something very wrong with you.

You can't PAY for publicity like that. Well, actually you can, and for a small stack of Benjamins, the BlogHer fun with the Red Stapler can continue for one more year.

How about it, Swingline? Deal, or no deal?

We'll be in the Hudson

This animation of the US Air flight that got landed in the Hudson made me lose my breath and burst into tears. Now THAT is flying, folks. Whoo.

03 March 2009


When we come home and I let Goldie out of the back of the car, the first thing she does is to run and grab a squeaky toy.

Then, if the neighbor dogs are out in their yards, she parades up and down, tossing her head in the air as if to say "Look what I have! I have a TOY!"

I was doing some reading up on dog behavior and it said that female dogs often like to brag about their toys to other dogs.

Wow, we aren't really much different, are we?

Girl dogs and girl people. My dog has a squeaky hedgehog and I have a Superhero necklace. Some women collect handbags. Or shoes. And then go parade them around.

Hey, look at ME! Look what I have!

Funny little creatures, aren't we?

Goldie Feb 06

01 March 2009

Beach Walk

I wonder if I put up just a photo instead of a post, if anyone will notice?
Goldie just before we got kicked off beach

Super Friendly Ranger Guy: HI! HI! What is your pup's name?
Suebob: That is Miss Goldie
Super Friendly Ranger Guy: Oh, she looks like a GOOD dog!
Suebob: Why, yes, she is.
Super Friendly Ranger Guy: So the reason I am talking to you is about the PUP!
Suebob: Yes?
Super Friendly Ranger Guy: You see, this is a STATE BEACH! Dogs aren't allowed on the STATE BEACH! Because of the ENDANGERED SPECIES!

Ok, that's enough. But I swear he did talk in all caps like that. Like kindergarten teachers do.
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