18 April 2009

Deconstructing Susan Boyle

This Susan Boyle thing is like a big Rorschach test, isn't it? Is the Scottish woman who can sing arebuke to the bitchy cynicism of reality talent shows? Or is she a woman who will be fine as soon as someone fixes her? Everyone seems to have an opinion.

I cry every time I watch the damn video, and I have watched it at least a half-dozen times. I cry not only because Susan Boyle knocks them dead, but because of this one little moment at 5:11 when the blonde woman (no idea) says "I daresay everyone in the audience was against you."

The flash of pain on Susan Boyle's face is all too familiar. You can see the "Why?" pass in a split second. This is the Big Why - the why are people like that? Why are people automatically against someone who isn't young, who isn't pretty, who isn't dressed in the latest fashion?

Psychotherapist and author Dennis Palumbo sums it up far better than I could:
But I have no doubt that, had she performed poorly, Simon Cowell would be rolling his eyes still. And the audience would have hooted and booed with the relish of Roman spectators at the Colosseum. And that Susan Boyle's appearance on the show would still be on YouTube, but as an object of derision and ridicule.

So let's not be too quick to congratulate ourselves for taking her so fully to our hearts. We should've done that anyway, as we should all those we encounter who fall outside the standards of youth and beauty as promulgated by fashion magazines, gossip sites, and hit TV shows.

We should've done that anyway, before Susan Boyle sang a single note.

17 April 2009

Marching for Maddie

Hey blog folks,

I know money is tight, but I'm just throwing this out there. I'm going to be in the March of Dimes walk in Los Angeles next week. I will be walking in memory of Maddie Spohr and for some children in my own family who were born prematurely.

I have actually raised more money than the marker shows - some has been in cash.

Thanks for any help you can give.

14 April 2009

Obsessive, but corners well

One night at a party, my friend Jack Random accused me of being obsessive. Actually, we were reading The Secret Language of Birthdays. My birthdate page said I was obsessive, and Jack agreed with that point.

So I followed him around all night asking "Am I obsessive? Are you SURE? Obsessive?"


I'm not THAT obsessive. Ok, maybe a little. It comes out at certain times.

I just bought some tires. For most of my life, I would buy anything round and black. I mean, tires, who cares, right?

Then when the exMrStapler was paying the bills, I put Michelins on my Subaru Forester. Insert moaning sounds here.

I never knew tires could make such a difference. It was like having a new car for about $500. A nice car.

When the Bluemobile needed new tires, I decided, despite my relative poverty, that I wanted Michelins. But I really, really couldn't afford them.

I began doing research. By the time I was done, I had visited three tire shops, talked to six more, read reviews on the internet and had about half a steno book worth of notes.

Ask me about tires. I can discuss sizes, ratings, tread wear warranties. If this writing thing doesn't work out, I think I will look great in a Tire Pros polo shirt.

And after all this, the winner was the Yokohama YK520s. Really good tires, but less costly than Michelins, with a 60k mile tread wear warranty. And I got a steal people.

How do they drive?

Insert moaning sounds here.

Good gosh. I'm writing about tires. Somebody get me a life.

12 April 2009

File under "Questions I Am Not Sure I Want Answered"

What is someone really searching for when they find my blog using the term "carrot in the butt parade"?

It has happened more than once.
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