03 May 2009

The Death of the Dreaded Object

Did you ever get a present that you don't like?

Maybe it isn't something you ever wanted, or maybe it just doesn't work right, or maybe it doesn't go with everything you already own?

And maybe it isn't even from someone you like?

Why do we keep these things? I feel almost like they have an expiration date - we have to suffer along with them for a certain period of time before we can rid ourselves of them.

Right? Or am I the only one who does this?

I got this stupid pot from someone.

It is supposed to be a "salsa pot" - it came with seeds to plant in each little pocket and in the center - cilantro, peppers, tomatoes.

I wrote a whole rant about it here. The stupid pot didn't come with enough soil (or any drainage holes) and anyway, the thing is so tiny that unless the tomatoes, peppers and cilantro seeds are from the Munchkinland Nursery, those plants ain't all fitting in that pot.

(And while I was searching for a photo of it - forgetting I had posted one to flickr - I found that the person I don't really like had bought it on clearance at Target for $3.74 - which shows how much she values ME, too! It is the thought that counts, right? Or something.)

So anyway the stupid pot sat outside on the window shelf with the geraniums for almost a year because it was in its waiting period to be sent to the thrift store or to the rubbish bin.

On Friday, I wanted to burn some incense due to an unfortunate dog diet accident and I stuck a stick of incense in the soil and put it right outside the front door with the door open, due to my stupid overly sensitive nose.

The incense burned out and the mailman came. Goldie ran outside to menace the mailman at the gate, as she is wont to do. On the way, she knocked the stupid pot off the porch and shattered it into about 50 pieces.

Goldie killed the Dreaded Object when I didn't have the courage to do so. She is a good, good girl!

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