10 April 2010

Good Deed of the Day


You can't really tell, but the guy on the right has jeans that are wet up to the knees.

He was sitting with his family in their car, watching the surfers. The surf was really rough and surfers kept falling. This one surfer got separated from his board, which washed up toward shore while the surfer was still pretty far out in the waves.

The beach is all rocky right there. The man ran from his car, out into the water with his shoes and jeans on, and saved the surfboard from smashing on the rocks.

He stood there on the shore, holding the board, until the surfer could get out of the water to get it.

Back in the car, his wife beamed with lovely, wifely pride. That's right, ma'am. You got a GOOD husband.

09 April 2010

Not to pimp Fresh & Easy, but...

I stopped at Fresh & Easy to get some $2 wine and to spend my $25 gift certificate they gave me for showing up to their headquarters for BloggerFest '10.

I was standing in the refrigerated aisle, peering at the hummus selection.

A lady next to me said sadly "I was looking for one specific thing that they don't have."

I said "The lemon-cilantro hummus, right? Me, too!"

We commiserated at the absence of the lemon-cilantro hummus. It really is the kind of good that makes you commiserate with strangers.

"I had a day off tomorrow and was just imagining myself having a little snack of some crackers and that hummus," she said.

I could see she had A Plan. And now that plan was ruined by this blank spot on the shelf where Lemon-Cilantro hummus should be.

I headed off to the wine aisle and wandered on through the store.

The lady came up to me.

"Um, not to be a stalker, but I found an employee and they found some of that hummus and there are only a few out there, so if you want some, you might want to go get it before they run out."

See, my people? See how that works?

The lady knew I wanted hummus and she was kind enough to track me down 3 aisles later so I would not miss out. A little kindness, to be sure, but a kindness that made my life a smidge happier. It just put a smile on my face.

THAT is how we do it. Each one of us taking care, thinking of others, going just a little out of our way. That's what makes the world a better place, drop by drop, bit by bit, seed by tiny seed. That's the ONLY thing that is going to make this world a better place.

Every time I open that carton of hummus I think of that lady and send a happy thought her way. She deserves it.
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