09 November 2005

New blog, new place

I ditched the old blog. The $9 a month it was costing me at Typepad just wasn't worth it. At the beginning, I had these grand ideas of turning it into something beautiful and complex and then...life happened and I never got around to it.

So here we are, at Red Stapler in homage to Milton and the movie "Office Space."

I am not, of course, really Milton. I am a girl. But I have been trapped in a cubicle for three months and the movie has been much on my mind. I have many of the same scenarios as the movie - a tiny cubicle, endless, pointless paperwork, and a job that doesn't seem to much matter to anyone. Basically all we do all day is cover our asses, and some days there isn't even a whole lot of that to do.

At first it drove me crazy. Then I somehow learned to waste time. I can stretch 15 minutes worth of work into four hours. Before I know it, I am thinking "Hey, it's lunchtime! I was so busy making binder tabs and walking back and forth to the bathroom that I didn't even notice!"

I do go to the bathroom a lot, thanks to my prodigious coffee consumption. You probably didn't need to know that. But if you see someone scurry past your cubicle every half hour or so, that's me, on the way to the can.


Anonymous said...

Good start Milton. The best to you---

dobbs said...

Welcome to your new home in the blogsphere! :)

candice said...

thanks for letting me know

RadicalPurple said...

So, are you going to bring any of your old posts over here?

SUEB0B said...

Nah. I think I will let them rot where they belong.

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