02 September 2006

Random Sabado Gigante

I have been collecting odd and whimsical uses of the English language that I find on some of my favorite blogs. I am not making fun. I know these word choices aren't "real" words or "proper," but I appreciate the zany creativity involved. If you find that one of these is something from your blog, let me know and you will win a Valuable Prize to be determined when our panel of judges gets off her lazy butt:

pummelting toward the end of my marriage

It wasn't worth dealing with her if we weren't going to try to make a goal of it.

I feel a deep-seeded physical ache.

He was adored and put upon a pedastool being the only son

her head is disalarmingly large for her body.

from what I've gleamed from the second hand knowledge I received

So I had to sit there while you animals eloped down your dessert, pretending that it was alright.


I got my lovely stickers in the mail from Suzanne at Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) and Other Rants. They are cute as hell, and feature a Hello Kitty-style cat and beaver hugging and saying "CUSS!"

I put one on my laptop along with my fine Red Stapler sticker and now it looks quite festive. I just hope I never have to explain CUSS to my mom, because I honestly don't think she would ever understand.

Go over to Suzanne's site and check it out. If you talk nice to her, she may even send you one.


You know I live in a tiny rented shack, right? It is deeply beloved, but very small, and it is not mine.

Last week I was telling my co-workers about my dream home, which is on my favorite street. I joked that the current owners just didn't KNOW it was my house yet.

It went on sale on Thursday. I think this is a sign.

Do you think if I put a donation button on my blog, I could collect enough for a down payment on $1.45 mil? Because I don't think selling my CD collection would quite cut it. And I would have to worry about the payments later, tra la.

It's a really nice house. On 1/3 acre, with a courtyard, fountains, pool...


super des said...

I think you should just take up residence in the house. If you live there for 7 years uninterrupted, it becomes legally yours. Just take the for sale signs down. OOps! That darn wind...

SUEB0B said...

Great idea, Des. I am packing my shampoo and nightie right now. I hope the current owners won't want to "interrupt" my residency, though...by doing something like calling the police.

Anonymous said...

I like your collection of mangled English. I had a job a number of years back that entailed editing long interviews. The person who did the transcription made tons of very funny errors. The one that comes to mind right now is this: Instead of a "double-edge sword," she typed a "two-inch sword."

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I've had that happen before - the house of my dreams is up for sale, but no way in hell can I ever get it.

And that sticker is hilarious!

meno said...

I just rolled all the coins in my change jar. I have $48.50. You are welcome to it if you think it will help!
The mangled english is great, i think i will start collecting them too. i used to have a boss who signed all her e-mails "respectively yours" despite my pleading.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the sticker promo, Suebob! It looks very cute on your laptop by the red stapler. I am glad that you like it.

Since one good turn deserves another, I'd be glad to contribute to the downpayment fund for your house. Maybe we can set up a network of fundraiser house parties, sort of like the infamous rent parties in the 1930s and 40s in Harlem? I'd be glad to use my planned wine, cheese, and chocolate party in October for the cause by charging an entry fee.

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