16 August 2007

You take the good you take the bad

In yesterday's mail:

Checks totaling $389 from my health insurance company (a long story). I was fairly excited about this development.

A notice from the IRS that they think I owe them $371. I was not so excited about this.

Why does it always go like this? Your work bonus comes through and the dryer catches fire. A freelance check you had forgotten about finally arrives and your brakes start making that awful grinding noise.

Any scientists out there? Can you tell me: is this some kind of natural law that keeps the universe in balance? If I get money in the mail without having an expense soon after, will Pluto spin out of orbit?


Suzanne said...

Murphy's Law?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're just thinking of it in the wrong way.

What if karma (or god or fate or whatever) knew your dryer was going to break, so it sent you a work bonus to cushion that loss?

Half full, Suebob...half full. :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the truth! The other phenomena that keeps happening to us is that everything breaks at the same time.

Anonymous said...

In short: yes. You are responsible for the state of Pluto. You must take this responsiblity very seriously and ensure that Pluto is safe. if you falter, Pluto could even cease to be a planet!


meno said...

You cleared $18. It's a good day.

Blog Antagonist said...

I hear you. We recently were fortunate enough to get a little bit ahead, financially, through a series of events that were perfectly unexpected. But then, a series of small disasters wiped that out. And of course that only happened AFTER we had spent a portion of it on a fantastic vacation.

It's the universe's way of keeping us on our toes and not letting us get too comfortable or complacent.

mar said...

no doubt. i'm thinking you must've (or someone else) gotten a windfall last year around this time, when pluto was demoted from planetary status. what else could explain it?
same thing always happens to me. :|

Her Bad Mother said...

What Chase said: if you reverse the wording of "the universe giveth, the universe taketh away", you might feel better. :)

super des said...

Pluto's not a planet. It doesn't listen to your "rules" and "laws."

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