23 December 2007

Bad girl

Goldie chasing birds
Originally uploaded by suebobdavis
The winter storms turned the beach that Goldie and I run on from a nice wide sandy stretch like this photo to a field of cannonball-sized cobbles.

I let her off leash anyway. She can run through the rocks like they don't exist and she needed some exercise.

The problem came when I tried to get her back. She totally ignored my yells and whistles, and when I tried to catch her, slipping and sliding over the rocks and soaking my shoes, she just danced away.

Like a bad toddler, she always kept me within sight, but kept moving further and further away as I moved toward her.

My calls turned from "Goldie, Goooooooldie," to "You g**d*mn piece of sh*t dog!"

Finally I turned into a smart dog mom.

I clambered up the bank into the sea grass and crouched down so she couldn't see me.

(Of course a hiker suddenly appeared, startled to see a big fat woman kneeling as if she were praying to an oceanic Mecca. I'm glad I didn't think to try and explain to him - "I'm hiding from my dog..." )

Within 3 minutes, Goldie was running along the path, panicked, looking for me.

Ha ha. She DID miss me. Mom wins again.


Mrs. G. said...

You crack me up. How cool is it that you get to run on the beach with your pup. Pretty damn cool.

LittlePea said...

OH! My dog does that too!!! So bad! I'll have to try that.

Pretty picture.

FENICLE said...

I've been that aggravated at our dog too. Usually when she runs out the door as I get the mail...urgh!

fairydogmother said...

Oh, I know that aggravation well! I'll have to try hiding from him next time my dog tries that stunt.

One of my favorite tricks is to catch my dog's eye, say his name and head in the opposite direction (i.e., the direction I want him to go in). Works best if I can run or jog a bit, which doesn't always work at our rocky little dog park beach.

Average Jane said...

Now SueBob, no need to go fishing for compliments by erroneously referring to yourself as a fat woman when we all know better...

Merry Christmas to you and Goldie!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Sometimes when I can't get Chester to leave the doggie park, I have to pretend like I'm leaving without him.

Kizz said...

I am very lucky that my rescue dog is way more afraid of me leaving her than she is excited to be doing anything else. Poor abandoned girl. My dad's first greyhound, though, was a nightmare. He once had to chase her halfway across town in much the same way you describe.

claire said...

this here, is exactly why i'm afraid to let my dogs off-leash. i just don't see them coming back to me when i call them.

so un-trusting.

good thinking on your part.

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