07 December 2007

More fun with photos

HS Grad 1979
Originally uploaded by suebobdavis
My neck is still ouchy so you get a photo.

You can't really tell from this, but I had a zit the size of a bumblebee on my chin. What you can tell from this is that one of my old phobias used to be having my hair trimmed.

I think it started with the scary Asian hairstylist lady my mom took us to as kids. She would appear from behind a beaded curtain, which was in itself exotic and weird. She had a fantastic chignon and long red nails and used to scrub our scalps until we yelped for mercy.


Kimberly said...

I love your hair here!! You look very sweet and innocent ;-) I had the same color grad gown, btw.

meno said...

I need to dig out my graduation day picture for you too laugh at. I also had the long long stringy at the ends hair.

Count Mockula said...

Is it a compliment if I tell you that I didn't realize, upon meeting you, how drastic indeed was the generation gap between us?

Mrs. G. said...

That is some Partridge Family hair for sure...or Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

What's with the ginormous zits on every special occasion? You should see my wedding photo.

Suzanne said...

Suebob, you are truly an inspiration. Since I'm at my parents' house while looking at these, I decided to bring back some old photos to scan. Not only do you look great no matter what age (infant, high school, current), but you spark ideas.

stephanie said...

You will probably be horrified to know I willingly had my hair highlighted in Singapore by an exotic Asian woman who not only had the scary nails scrubbing my head, but she did it while applying various kinds of skin-removing solutions. I'm all better now though. (I am a little sad there was no beaded curtain).

Sweet pic; sorry about your neck.

Anonymous said...

You look like all the tough/sexy stoner chicks who never took me seriously in high school.

-Angel Apologist.

the mystic said...

I hate hair stylists who scrub your scalp too hard -- what is up with that? But the long hair was cute anyway.

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