23 January 2008

Blogging makes you lose your mind

It starts innocently enough. You think you'd like to share some photos and daily musings with family and friends.

Soon, you find other bloggers who make you howl with laughter. And they make you laugh hardest when they are spilling their darkest secrets. Stuff about boobs and getting happy on a treadmill and farts, so many farts and OMG suddenly it seems as if the world is one big hilarious truth-telling place.

So you tell a few of your own and you aren't hated and reviled. Instead, people love you more.

These people who comment stop being just friends in a box on your desk. You meet some of them in person, twitter others, correspond, call - and care.

Which is how, several years later, you find yourself feeling completely comfortable emailing someone you have never met because she blogged about having a spider bite and now you think you may have a spider bite gone bad. On your butt. And she is totally cool about it.

And then you think "Maybe I have lost my damn mind." But maybe you aren't losing. Maybe you are finding.


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

No you're not alone. Although I can't say as though I've experienced that spider bite thing (and hopefully never do).

Hope you're not infected!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I just had an e-mail conversation with Karl and ended up pointing him to another blogger I read, just because they'd both blogged about the merits of 2-ply toilet paper within the same 10-minute period.

Lynnea said...

it's all about not being alone. but I am still consistently surprised to find out I'm not the only person experiencing certain things.

lizgwiz said...

Oh, the absolute best thing about the blogosphere is that feeling of comaraderie. I truly feel that I've made friends through my blog--even though we may never actually meet.

meno said...

You have been assimilated.

Resistance was futile.

Unknown said...

I'm still a bit internet shy about these things but I totally get it!!


QT said...

Aren't you the person who posted a pic of you azzzz on the world wide web? You were assimilated long ago! :)

LittlePea said...

Finding indeed. Isn't it great?

Julie said...

I used to read blogs without having one, and stayed totally out of the comments section because of the asshats that left random, mean comments. However, I think I was just picking the wrong blogs, because now I feel like I really have connected with a small group of amazing people.

mdog said...

aaaaand i have just sent several people the treadmill link.

you are my link supplier. <3.

the mystic said...

It wasn't even ten years ago that I remember telling my husband (who I was just dating at the time) that it is VERY VERY VERY weird for people to talk to people online. Like what is WRONG with them???

And now I'm always like, "Bwahaha, my friend Suebob had this hilarious experience..."

I just didn't "get it" ten years ago. Either that or the internet is a giant insane asylum and I fit right in.

moosh in indy. said...

And I'm totally cool with the fact that I licked your stapler the first time we ever met.

Anonymous said...

just read this via the link from fussy, and i must say this is an excellent way to sum it all up.

and, make me feel less crazy.

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