18 February 2008

The Great Interview Experiment

Some centuries back, I agreed to participate in Neil of Citizen of the Month's Great Interview Experiment.

The idea is that random bloggers interview other bloggers and spread the bloggy love around. My interviewer is Lori Madison of Rural Peace. I am interviewing Jenn Satterwite of Mommy Needs Coffee.

Without further ado, here is Lori's interview of me:

What writer, alive or dead would you like to slap and why?
Oh, might as well start off with heresy. You know how I am.

The Apostle Paul and his busybody little letters. Epistles, as they are called. Dude didn’t even KNOW Jesus and yet he acts like he’s the final word on everything. What Jesus said was pretty straightforward, then Paul had to come along and muck it all up. Thanks for 20 centuries of war and hatred, man. Appreciate it.

If you could create your own reality just for one day, what would that reality be like? Would birds talk? Could you move objects with your mind, etc?
My religious tradition (Unity) says that I create my own reality EVERY day, so I guess I am stuck with the one I have. It isn’t so bad. I could use more beach time, though.

You can breathe underwater, and no underwater predators can harm you, and you could swim at any depth without ill effects, where in the world would you go to swim?
Bora Bora. I have always wanted to go there and this seems like the perfect chance.

What is the oddest thing someone ever said to you?
“I never meant for it to get this serious,” said my boyfriend of 3 years while we were breaking up. Huh? You think you might have told me sometime BEFORE I wasted 3 years on your lazy stoner ass?

You are on a bus when suddenly someone stands up takes a gun out of their pocket and announces they are hijacking the bus, what is the very first thought that enters your mind?
“I think I can take him.”


PunditMom said...

EX-cellent answers!

Lynnea said...

Love the author answer. And the last answer. I can picture you lunging at the guy.

lizgwiz said...

That is EXACTLY my feeling about Paul. (Although I did recently hear a priest talk about the fact that many of the letters attributed to him were written by other people, but still.)

Karl said...

Ha, "I think I can take him." Good stuff.

Susan C said...

I think that I have Paul to thank for the fact that I was the VP of my youth group at church. Women were not allowed to hold the "leadership" position of president.

And we also have Paul to thank for rampant homophobia in certain fundamentalist churches.

Good choice!

Suzanne said...

I love heresy. It usually means truthfulness and thoughtfulness.

the mystic said...

Oh how I love heretics -- I just had to ask the babysitter to please not tell my kids weird things about Jesus because I have my own heretical version to share with them and I'm their mother, it's my god-given right to do so...

Mrs. G. said...

I want you on my bus!

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