16 March 2008

March for Peace...in the rain

I have mentioned my protesting habit before.

Since I spent this weekend in my old town, where protesting is a way of life, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than marching?

My friend and I became honorary members of Code Pink, the women's peace organization, by donning our pinkest togs and heading out to the park.

We met all the usual suspects: poets, artists, Unitarians, grandmothers. It was like old home week. My old friend poet Kevin Patrick Sullivan was in fine Irish form, reciting poetry to anyone who would listen.

We were to march about 1/2 mile to the downtown area, make a 10-block lap around downtown, then gather at the government center for inspirational speeches and media coverage.

As we headed out, a few raindrops began to fall. It began to drizzle, then sprinkle (or is it the other way around?), then rain. And rain.

The line of several hundred people were in good spirits. We marched with Toni Flynn, who probably holds the title of Most Frequently Arrested Grandmother, since she makes a habit of going to jail fairly regularly for peace and social justice.

My friend and I ended up carrying a banner saying something about global women for peace for some older ladies who had grown weary along the way.

When we reached to government center we were soaked but happy. Someone with a bullhorn was yelling "What do we want?"
"When do we want it?"
But that soon got translated into
"What do we want?"

Confession: we didn't stay for the inspirational speakers, even though the MC said "Weather doesn't stop war, so it shouldn't stop us from sticking around here." The lure of hot coffee was more powerful than guilt, so we power-walked through the now-pouring rain back to my friend's apartment where we gently steamed and basked in the glow of a little social action.


Anonymous said...

God bless Toni Flynn and all good persons of conscience who put the common good above personal interest. Thanks for marching, Suebob! You really gave me a much needed boost yesterday. xoxo

Blog Antagonist said...

I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks, on behalf of women everywhere.

Unknown said...

If it was heat you wanted, you could have come and marched in Austin. I had to work and didnot get to participate this year but it was almost 90 degrees and there were about a thousand marchers. This march always happens during SXSW and we always hope that some of the out of towners will join in as we walk by but they just wave and cheer us on. Here's hoping that there will be no need to march next year.

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Aid and Comfort" ?

SUEB0B said...

Thank you, AP, BA and SS. Anon, try not to be such a dope. Or I will spill mustard on you the next time we watch baseball together.

Day Dreamer said...

This sounded like a lot of fun. I've never marched for a cause.

I've raise funds, ect, but never marched or protested. I think I've been missing out, for sure!

Anonymous said...

You look adorable while protesting! That's a great color on you :)

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