02 August 2009

Embarrassing BlogHer Moment #1

The scene: The fabulous BlogHer Community Keynote, wherein 21 bloggers read posts to the assembled audience of over 1000 of their peers.

For the intro of each blogger, emcee M. Kennedy would mention a few of the person's favorite things.

Introducing Sheri Reed of Today Is Pretty, Mrs. K said her favorite drink was gin and tonic.

"Woo Hoo!" I shouted. I mean, no one loves the gin and tonic more than me, and I had to represent, right?


"....from which she has abstained for eight years," Mrs. Kennedy continued. The reader is a recovering alcoholic.

Those around me shifted nervously away. I moaned and put my head in my hands. Sheri then took the stage and proceeded to read this beautiful post about making amends.

Never let it be said that I go small when making an ass of myself.

Photo of Sheri by Heather Kennedy.


1A said...

OMG! I totally knew that was you, and I was sitting way in the back. :) It was SO much fun to meet you!

1A said...

Oh, wait. #1? Will there be more?

angel apologist said...

Are you the one who used to shout "whoooo !!!!" evertime someone made a pot reference on the old "Fridays" show ????

Grace said...

When you told me it was you who did this, I loved you a little bit more. Just sayin'.

Deb Rox said...

My Community Keynote embarrassment came when I had to practically remove the tablecloth to use as a tissue. Tim Gunn is wasted on BlogHers.

Who knew we would embarrass ourselves MORE in the audience than as performers last year?

Sheri said...

Suebob, I am laughing so hard about this post. I mean, after all, I kinda set you up writing my bio that way. It's not your fault. OMG, I'm going to be laughing all night about this.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I have such a short attention span I never put the two together.

Heh. NOW who looks stupid?

Ericka said...

had i been there, i'd have done the same thing. grace, it's a thing to aspire to, right?

laurie said...

What Deb said. I was convulsing and upsetting people around me. WAY TO BE, LADIES! ;) I blamed it on the solidarity of remembering what it was like to be backstage last year losing my shit, but I think it's just because I'm a wreck in general.

Yeah, it's good we can own it all here.

Lara said...

I love you and how well you embarrass yourself. :)

kris said...

I love it. Even more that you wrote about it.

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