22 August 2010

Thanks to Facebook, I look like an idiot

Not that I need help looking like an idiot. But Facebook has given me a new way to be awkward.

Aside - do you know the Awkward Turtle sign?

Ok, enough digression.

I went on The Facebook and found, in my friend requests, a person from my childhood. He was a neighbor kid but his sister was my age and his older sister dated my brother for a while.

I thought "That's weird," but what the heck. I mean, he's from the old neighborhood, so I clicked "Confirm."

And then Facebook said "Friend Request Sent."


I did not want this guy as my friend. I have barely thought of him in 35 years, but I assumed he was keeping in touch with my old circle of neighbor people and he wanted me to be included too. Apparently not. Apparently FACEBOOK decided randomly to stick him in my friend request list so I could embarrass the hell out of myself.

The guy is going to think I am insane or trying to build a massive friend list...And there's no way to take it back.

Is this a feature?That someone thinks I need?

I'm making the awkward turtle right now.


Grace said...

I've done that too! To my (not)FIL, of all people! I don't mind having him as a friend, of course, but it was weird.

Ericka said...

i've done the same thing! and facebook will put those things up if you have even one friend in common, so i looked like a random stalker. yay!

julia said...

I do awkward turtle all the time and get weird stares. Surprisingly, not that many people know about it.

Jen the Trephinist said...

I've almost done that as well. I think FB says "Add As Friend" if it's not a friend request and "Confirm" if it isn't, but having them all listed together like that under "Friend Requests" is some CRAP.

I think someone suggests them, and that's how it ends up as a friend request, but whatever, Facebook. It's not a REQUEST if no one is ASKING. Hmph.

meno said...

I can totally see myself doing this, so thanks for the heads up, and screw you Facebook!

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