02 September 2010

My Parents Were Awesome - equal time for Mom

Since Dad got featured yesterday, I thought I would give Mom her time today. Dad had a picture similar to this in his wallet, 65 years after it was taken and 64 1/2 years after they were married.

Mom looking hot!

Inspired by the site My Parents Were Awesome.


Kizz said...

She is so beautiful. And, HER SHOES! Oh the envy.

Joe Crawford said...

Saddleshoes and pearls? As the kids say, EPIC WIN!

orion said...

Classy! And I love how your dad had one in his wallet.

Suzanne said...

She's a beautiful woman, like you. :)

flurrious said...

I was trying to decide if you look more like your mom or your dad, but I think you fall right in the middle and look like both of them in equal measure, which is very cool in its own right.

I love her outfit -- very Kate Hepburn.

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