01 October 2010

Rise of the Poo-Flinging Monkeys

Internet trolls come in all shapes and sizes, but lately a super special kind of troll has popped up - the do-nothing troll.

This special member of internet society not only disapproves of what someone has done, but they disapprove that they have even done it.

My dear @grace134 on twitter got this comment the other day where the person told her she was "sad" for having to "exploit herself" on the internet.

Then Catherine of Her Bad Mother got one about her trip to Africa that is a real doozy:
Ack. Could any of this be a bigger cliche? Look, I don’t want to cast aspersions on anyone’s personal experiences, I guess. I guess. But… come on. Every bit of this, and especially all the uber-cliched photos that come with it, I knew to recognize as one big cliche by the time I was four or five years old. No one is going to change the world or even their world with these kinds of stories. Just the opposite: the suffering-but-smiling black kids who smile in pictures with the “OMG-I’ll-never-be-the-same-again” white people who come visit them are a staple of our culture at this point. If they weren’t suffering-and-smiling like that, we wouldn’t get to take a nice vacation from our indulgent-but-frustrated lives once in a while to stand next to them and get to feel so simultaneously humbled and self-satisfied...

It goes on. And on.

I used to just shake my head and chuckle at these kinds of things, but now I'm mad. I'm really angry at the contention that it is better to do nothing than something. Or that if you try something, earnestly and with enthusiasm and love in your heart, it's ok for others to come spit on your parade just because they can.

It makes me want to go beat on these brats with a baseball bat.

The only reason I can see for these kind of comments - and I should know - is that these people have so little going on in their lives that all they are left with is their keyboards and a pile of steaming poo that they are too lazy to clean up, so they fling it at other people.

From now on, I refuse to call them "trolls" anymore. I'm calling them
"Poo-Flinging Monkeys."

I like the sound of that.

Photo by Ben and Laura Kreeger from Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.


Anonymous said...

"Poo Flinging Monkeys"!
I like how you call them for what they really are. Why give them a cutesy name. They don't deserve it.

meno said...

Fling it right back sister!

Rachel said...

hahahaha. love it, I've got one out there.

Isabella Golightly said...

I love that name. You should rename your blog "The Grand Adventure of Pooh Flinging Monkeys, as Chronicled By Suebob".

Ericka said...

i think you cast aspersions on monkeys.

Unknown said...

And that is why I love dogs better than people. People are mean, petty, cruel, self righteous and so full of their own self importance.

Dogs, just full of wags and licks and sometimes, farts.


Jason, as himself said...

I hate poo.

And I know! I so don't understand the meanness that goes on among the bloggers and/or commenters.

I like your new header a lot, by the way.

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