10 April 2010

Good Deed of the Day


You can't really tell, but the guy on the right has jeans that are wet up to the knees.

He was sitting with his family in their car, watching the surfers. The surf was really rough and surfers kept falling. This one surfer got separated from his board, which washed up toward shore while the surfer was still pretty far out in the waves.

The beach is all rocky right there. The man ran from his car, out into the water with his shoes and jeans on, and saved the surfboard from smashing on the rocks.

He stood there on the shore, holding the board, until the surfer could get out of the water to get it.

Back in the car, his wife beamed with lovely, wifely pride. That's right, ma'am. You got a GOOD husband.


mar said...

yay! nice people!

lagata said...

I love it when someone comes along and shows us that there are still good people in the world :o)

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