27 April 2006

Gas-Saving Facts

I just paid $3.33 per gallon for gas. At the cheap-ass cash only station.

So here are a few gas saving hints from Red Stapler Central:

1. Using synthetic oil can save you 3 percent in gas mileage. Sure, it's more expensive, but you can go 10,000 miles without changing it. And that crap the oil change places tell you about "every 3000 miles"? Forget it. Most manufacturers say change your oil every 7,500 miles - in Germany they stretch it to 10k miles even for non-synthetic oil. The Car Talk guys say, if you want to be very, very cautious, every 5,000 miles is enough.

2. Every mile that you drive at a speed over 55 MPH, your fuel economy decreases by two percent. So at 70 mpg, you get about half the mileage that you do at 50 mph. Of course, if your state is like California, your risk of death by road rage goes up 2 percent for every mph under 70 that you drive. You decide.

3, Tire pressure, yadayada.

4. Roof rack = 5 percent less fuel efficiency. I am going to go yank mine off right now.


noncommon said...

roof rack - going.

J.R. Kinnard said...

I'm attaching a sail to the top of my car. I'll let you know how it goes (once I get out of jail).

Anonymous said...

I love the bit about going under 70 increases your chances of death. lol This is especially true here in the bay area...oi. What is wrong with these people? And GAWD forbid it should rain...yeah, you know, rain? It does it every year, people. ROARRRRRRRRR!

Now, if I could just get my car back from the dealership, I'd be in business. When we were down in L.A. a few weeks back, we learned that my air doesn't work. Mmhm. Yay. Black car with black leather interior...the PERFECT vehicle to take to SoCal.

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