24 April 2006

Milestones and other fun ideas

My dad went to his annual high school reunion yesterday. He graduated 70 years ago. Yowza. Needless to say, there weren't too many other members of his class there. I think he had a good time being King of the Old Guys.

I want a new drug. One that won't make me sick. One that won't make me quote J. Geils. I just think that when your first word in the morning is "F*********ck" maybe you oughta try something different. Any suggestions for inner peace, harmony and fun?

Anyway, I will send out some link love for my peeps.

Defective Yeti shares memories of Farrell's Ice Cream, the birthday party joint of legend long before Chuck E. Cheese came along. I am sure many "Zoos" were lost in the car on the way home.

Untitled Life wants a baby and wants one bad. If you believe in prayer, juju or good vibrations, send some her way. You could also buy some of her hilarious "WFT" gear to pay for her hormone shots.

Madness Rivera has a sweet baby story, but even more amazing, CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF THAT CAT!

Mrs. Kennedy has new Fussy t-shirts all ready for your spring wear. Some for kids, too. Get one and be the coolest blogger on the block.

I found the saddest little corner of the internet. I guess it's supposed to be funny. It's pretty much just sad.

I never knew that being a librarian was so hard. But she makes it pretty clear that the library is not, as you might think, a repository for genius-in-training but rather a haven for the weird.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. I'll check em out. And yes, 500 billion dollars spent on Bushy's ego er...I mean the war really chafes my ass. Abu Ghraib gives me full-on hives.

John said...

My 6 weird things are up and running!

SUEB0B said...

Sorry Izzy - I changed the top of my post because it was just too depressing, so now your comment makes no sense.

No, folks, Izzy is NOT delusional.

MrsFortune said...

Farrells!!! Ooh, and Swensens? Or maybe that was just a midwest thing. Ah, to be young again, and to have a gumball in ice cream just be the COOLEST. THING. EVER.

gracey said...

Ummm didn't Heuy Lewis sing that he wanted a new drug, not J.Geils?

spotted elephant said...

That really is the saddest corner of the internet. He may be the biggest jerk in the world, but she's got a hateful attitude toward his mental illness.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Seriously, that sad corner of the internet was really, f*cking dark. But in a car wreck sort of way.

I don't want to read but I. Can't. Look. Away.

super des said...

I was going to point out that you were not, in fact, quoting J.Geils, but gracey beat me to it. so now I have nothing worthwile to say. That doesn't stop me from leaving a comment though!

SUEB0B said...

Gracey, Des - I absolutely cannot be trusted with band names. It is one of my great weaknesses, much to Mr. Stapler's embarrassment. Mr. S. can name who PRODUCED records, who played drums (even the session drummers), etc etc etc.

Spotted and Mrs Chicky - at least today she announced she is getting a divorce. Finally!

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

Bobette, I miss you.
I can't believe they still have high school reunions after so long. Did your dad see any friends? What do you talk about after 70 years. Wow.

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