23 July 2006

Are you just too hot to blog?

I thought so. Tell me about it - how hot IS it there?

Here's how hot it is here - my laptop got so hot that the fan started making weird spinning wobbly noises and I had to shut it down for a while. And this ain't nothing, compared to some places. Like 119 in Woodland Hills yesterday. Is anyone still up for arguing with Al Gore? Didn't think so.

Mr. Stapler hurt his back so I spent the day at his house making minty lime coolers and watching him yelp every time he moved. Been there, done that, know how much it sucks. We sweated and napped and then got in the pool and slowly paddled around, absorbing the coolth.

I am back home with dog panting, the carpet un-hoovered (too hot), the lawn unmowed (I can't face it) and my toes newly painted a nice Trailer Park Red in anticipation of BlogHer.

I got a stroke of brilliance about BlogHer last night when I couldn't sleep (it was just too...guess...yeah, that). I could to to BlogHer naked. Not unclothed - give me some credit - I am not quite THAT weird. Naked as in without my laptop. Huh? A blogger without her laptop?

Well, shit, folks, can't I live without it for 3 days? Why do I need it? To blog? 90 percent of the people who read my blog will be there, and anyway, I think live blogging is usually about as boring as watching someone type.

It sounds delicious to me. Break free of blogging - at BlogHer. Perfect! Opinions? Will I regret my decision?

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Anonymous said...

You're craaaaaaazy! Don't do it! Aaaaaaaaaaaacccckkk!!


I'm not taking my laptop to the conferences, but I'm certainly having it open and ready to go when I get back to the hotel room! Hehe!

Mary Tsao said...

OMG!!! Woman, what are you saying?!?!?!

Actually, sounds like one less thing to lug around and ... quite freeing, actually. I doubt you'll miss it. I brought a notebook (as in paper and pen) last year and took notes. I didn't feel like a total loser or anything.

This year I probably will lug the laptop around. At least on Friday. Actually, I am looking forward to the instantaneous digital pic uploading to Flickr more than doing lots of blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hey, SueBob! I'm glad I'll be seeing you this week at BlogHer!

As if I'm not doing enough to get ready for BlogHer (have a workshop on Day 1 to lead) I've just gotten this crazee notion of getting some WriteGirl anthology books to take and sell at the swapmeet there... thinking that this group of women would appreciate seeing and supporting writing from WriteGirl. If that happens, consider this advance notice that I might be making a bee line for you to help direct people to the books. .........or it may all come to naught.

In either case, I'm looking forward to seeing you again.



Cristina said...

I was actually really surprised to hear that people were bringing their laptops to the conference. I thought I was a little addicted to blogging, but bringing your laptop so you can blog AT a BLOGGER conference, well that's just over the top! No offense to all my laptop-lugging blogger buds. I still love ya.

But, um, no I won't be bringing my laptop, but then again, I'm only staying for Saturday night.

P.S. It was 110 degrees here today.

Anonymous said...

p.s. woodland hills high temps? you've all my sympathies!! Have been hanging out at Doc M's today, that one air conditioner may cool off two people and thereby conserve those so cal edison electrons.

Anonymous said...

hmmm....I'm bringing mine, but probably won't blog while I'm there. I can't live without e-mail for three days though. Plus for me traveling cross country to get there, it'll be nice to have my laptop at the airports.

Karl said...

Are you another one of those Pacific Coasters without air conditioning? Crazy. I've been here for a week and a half (in Irvine at the moment) and it's crazy hot out. I don't know how people do it without the AC.

I'm bringing my laptop, of course, because I'll be liveblogging from the conference. Don't know how much of my own personal blogging I'll be doing, though. I hope to be too busy socializing.

Anonymous said...

Ah! No laptop?


How can you check your site meter without a laptop?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of leaving my laptop behind as well. I hate traveling with it and I think I'll be happier just taking photos and notes while I'm at BlogHer and posting about it later.

Anonymous said...

Since I don't own a laptop and I only use my husband's when necessary, I'm kind of used to not having one at the ready. It's not much of a concern for me but the photoblogging aspect, mentioned by Mary, does make me wish I had one around for quick access.

Suzanne said...

Totally bringing mine, but it is sort of light (under 3 lbs), so it can't be that bad. And since I am a naive moron, I have no other materials to bring, like business cards or stickers. Maybe I should run to Kinkos and make some cards. What would it say? Argh, I am SOOO unprepared!!! Stress....
I can't wait to meet you and the others who comment here, though.

super des said...

Luckily the last couple days here have not been so hot. I'm done with this whole "heat wave" thing. It was 116 where I used to live in CA. Of course, I never would have known thanks to mr. AC.

As for the laptop, I am also laptop-impaired, but I'm not going. If I was going, I'd bring my laptop. That I would buy. For Blogher.

This from the girl who can't go 5 minutes at work without "doing the rounds" - email, sitemeter, other blogs, etc.

Her Bad Mother said...


It would probably be LESS weird to cruise the lobby naked. But if you can do it, you will be my hero.

WIsh I could do it.

Anonymous said...

Oh noes, I am scared of your heat. The heat of California. I'm going to Blogher anyway, to escape children, but I don't want that rash I had in Phoenix that NEVER went away until I left to come back.

Anonymous said...

OH NO, say it ain't so! So many of us won't be at BlogHer. How will we know what is going on every minute of every day unless you take your laptop!

Anonymous said...

You know, when I read the headline of this post -- "Are you just too hot to blog?" -- I thought you were saying "I'm too sexy for this blog." Like that old song....

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