25 July 2006

A little too Office Space for me

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One of my best friends just found out that they, after having worked as hard as humanly possible for 5 years, is getting cut loose by their company. Not fired, yet - they can still do an "Office Space" and interview to keep their own job, if they can find a position...it just makes me so angry because I have seen them working nights and weekends and having no life because of their dedication.

The deal used to be that if you sacrificed your life for the company, you got the prize, which was a job that continued indefinitely. Now, not so much. Sacrifice your life and you can be sacrificed at any moment. Nothing personal - because no one gives a crap about you.

The cruelty of this life pisses me off. Gotta breathe deep and get back to my spiritual center - this is all an illusion that will pass in the blink of an eye. Blink!


belledame222 said...


Anonymous said...

Glad to stumble across your site. "Office Space" (one of my absolute favorite movies) is all too true. Excuse me while I count my flair.

super des said...

unfortunately, I too have had this experience. Work my butt off, cry from stress every night, and then get told "I'm not a team player." There is more to this story that I may tell later, but it still pisses me off when people are treated like that. Is it any wonder I blog while at work now? Why should I work so hard to get nothing in return, not even job secutity?

Janet Evening said...

I am giving up on reality. I'm not good at it, and it's bullonly (which is an original Lo™ word.) not bologna, bull only. Bullonly.

Anonymous said...

Och, I'm sorry for your friend.

Instances like that are a frighteningly common in today's workplace, and it's depressing.

Toastedsuzy said...

Well, I might suggest a career in academia, only with this warning: the young people you will teach are being told from the time that they are five years old that the purpose of their education is to get a "good job." One that pays and maybe has some benefits. A job like Michael Bolton has.

You might also consider being a poet. Think of the poverty that ensues as liberation. You are not desperately poor; you are unencumbered by the weight of excessive material possessions.

If you decide to go awol, Peter Gibbons style, you can have a spot on my couch. I'm all for droppin' out.

Fuckin' A!


LittlePea said...

That's sad...my husband got layed off last year because thecompany he had worked his behind off for was outsourcing his job-the cherry on top was he had to train his replacement. What fun. Who was it that coined the phrase "corporate Benedict Arnolds"?

Anonymous said...

totally sucks.
Whatever happened to loyalty and stuff? I just went through a job change and had a boss who was very reminiscient of Office Space.
Whatever she does next will be better.

MrsFortune said...

Ouch. I know the feeling. I don't know where that loyalty/work ethic went, or if it was really ever "real," as I've never experienced it, but it's a nice idea(l).

Chantal said...

I'd like to know where that idea went. What happened to "The Dream"? Has dealing with employees this way improved the economy or buyer confidence? Doubtful.

spotted elephant said...

That's why it's a good idea to not invest too heavily in your job. They don't value you.

Heather said...

Not to be all lawyer-ey but your friend might wanna call one and see what they think. Up here we call that constructive dismissal and it can lead to moulah, and perhaps more importantly, getting back at jerkoff bosses.

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