28 August 2006

Public Transportation equals insanity

As much as I am a big fan of the idea of cheap, efficient public transportation, I can't imagine life without my car.

The convenience, yes, that's a big thing. The fact that I use my cute little Subaru Forester as an overly large purse is another.

But the real thing I couldn't do without is my car as a place to scream at the top of my lungs when I am pissed off.

Then it is especially convenient that the two times a day I am usually most angry is either going to work or coming home from work.

Other drivers provoke my ire and occasionally (ok, every single day) find me yelling "Hello? HELLO DUMBASS!" to myself.

But the real sources of my fits usually coincide with work. Getting in the car this morning to find I had walked - in my black dress - through a thick cobweb caused an outburst of "Oh that's great! THAT IS SO FUCKING GREAT!"

As did my mom when I dropped off the dog (my folks love the petsitting). I told her I would be late because I was going to the gym and she said "Oh, that gym you haven't been to in like a year?" caused me to get into my soundproof cubicle and scream "Thanks for the encouragement, Mom!! Thanks a LOT! I APPRECIATE IT, MOM! I love the support!!"

Then upon leaving work, I usually have some things to scream. They shall remain ever lost in the ethers, though, because I need my job.

So what do you people who take the subway or bus DO? I can only speculate that the reason that you see so many people talking to themselves on public transportation is that they miss doing it in their cars.

You'd think I could quit pimping Linkateria every single day, but no. As soon as I quit, the stats drop off to nothing. And you know I need those stats for when I become a Big Blog Mogul.


Nut's mom said...

I take the train into metropolis just because gas is 3.45 a gallon. yikes!! I don't know how YOU do it in the southern cali area. It's a jungle there!!!

SUEB0B said...

People ARE truly insane. I see triple-lane changes at least once every 15 minutes.

I can't afford driving, either. I dunno what I can do, because we really, really don't have convenient public transport. I could leave here at 6:15 and get to work 3 hours later. Then I would have to leave work at 4 because there are no buses later than that.

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

Bob, I feel so free when I ride the train. I have no responsibility in the process of getting myself from here to there. I get to sit and read and watch people. It's great for me. And since this is NY, if I had the nuts to, I could scream all I wanted. Or at least moan and rock.

super des said...

The reason I did so much yelling in my awesome car/purse/soundproof bubble was other drivers. The 3 most road-rageous freeways in CA met on my way to work (The 5, 99, and 80). Here if I need to yell at someone in particular, I just do it. Like GR said, this is NY.

Miguelita said...

Total agreement on this. I am a happy, smiling gentle chick 99% of the time, but definitely have my screaming, cursing, fist slamming moments in my car. Mobile therapy. Totally.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I don't think the screaming to oneself works as well on the subway, bus or public street. People start to look at you funny.

Anonymous said...

Suebob- I'm trying to find your e-mail. I've nominated Linkateria for a Perfect Post award and I need to send you the code.


meno said...

Car screaming is a time honored tradition in my life. Sometimes i think the other drivers can hear me when i am shouting "NICE MOVE DICKBRAIN!!", because they wave one of their fingers at me.

Anonymous said...

I took public transportation every day for five years. For four years prior to that, I lived close enough to walk to work. Only since moving out here have I had to drive to work.

I really liked public transportation. Even the subway, except when I was pregnant.

As for the screaming, I do plenty of that at home. No need for a car.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

That is precisely why I love my car (extra large purse! Ha!) the ability to scream at others without them actually hearing is worth the suck-ass drivers and expensive gas prices. Well, almost worth it. There are some dumbasses out there.

Suzanne said...

I scream a lot inside my head when I ride the subway. And I do my crossword puzzle and read magazines. I hate driving. I can't picture myself ever living somewhere again where I have to drive.

Lucia said...

I take the bus, which is much less expensive than gas and parking, etc, etc. Now I'm wondering, though, if I get more uptight by taking the bus since I miss daily car screaming.

Anonymous said...

Um... hi... car screamer here. I am sweet as pie face to face with people but in the car I am a screaming bird flipping lunatic. I don't ever get road rage but I will verbally tear new assholes to anyone making any kind of vehicular error. I also talk to myself out loud, sing like I'm auditioning for American Idol, and work my problems out out load to myself.

Glad I'm not alone in this.

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