13 November 2006

Please note

Mr Stapler's blog, Mind Yer Arse is now linked in my sidebar.

So far I am his only commenter. Go take a look and give the man some encouragement.

There are dozens of other people that I want to add to my link list, but so far I have been too disorganized and lazy. I'm sorry. It doesn't mean that I love you less.

Speaking of links, there are some new links up at Linkateria.


Anonymous said...

Checked out Mr Staplers blog and left a comment.
The more I blog the more I think links are overrated.
Comments are more important..

super des said...

I've been linked by you for some time now, so I'm happy and I don't care about further links.
Just kidding.
I love your links because I have met many of my best blogging buddies through your sidebar. Thanks Suebob!

And Mr, Stapler, because I know you're reading this, just because I don't comment doesn't mean I don't read. But if you want me to share my oh-so-insightful thoughts, just say the word.

j.sterling said...

you 2 should blog with us on mom said dad said.. even though you're not parents.. it should really be he said she said... thoughts?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of links, I recently added you. Just thought you should know, since I've been on yours for a while, and I finannnaallllyyyyy got around to updating mine.


(I don't know where "Kisses!" came from, because I never say that. And because it is annoying. Sorry. Apparently I need to go to bed.)

Peevish said...

Thanks for the mention, SB. Reminds me of the great feature "Logrolling in Our Time" from the last great SPY magazine.

As for Sue and I having a "he said, she said", just assume that I agree with her on all matters intellectual. No need for me to speak up, it's probably just a bit of undigested beef expressing itself. I have made my thoughts on men well know to SB and am on the record as such.

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