17 December 2006

Fawlty Bungalow

As my faithful readers know, my neighbor Jay has a big brown dog, Oscar. Jay told me he was going away for 4 days at Christmas and asked me to take care of the dog. Arg.

Taking care of Oscar is a pain because he sleeps inside Jay's house (he can't sleep in my house because it isn't big enough for big old me and 2 big dogs) and needs to go out first thing in the morning.

This would mean a 4-day holiday weekend of getting up before 6 a.m. to let Oscar out. While I'm not a REAL late sleeper, I do like to snooze until 8 or so on weekends...is that asking too much?

So I told Jay no. But he went on and on and pleaded and begged, so I said yes.

Then a couple weeks later I told him I was going out of town for the weekend so I couldn't do it. Not technically a lie, because I am going to spend one night away, maybe.

The problem is that Jay changed his plans and isn't going away after all.

So now I am caught in my own deception, รก la Basil Fawlty. I have to either 1) leave town for the weekend or 2) sneak into my own house and not turn on any lights for 4 days or 3) make up some lie about staying here.

Good work, Suebob. You'd think I'd learn that it is easier to tell the truth, but no.


meno said...

Oh, go for #3. And be sure to tell us what you came up with.
"My grandmother is sick," always used to work for me.

Anonymous said...

Take a plate of nachos, and tell him your plans fell apart, too. Next time you'll have to move.

super des said...

He should have told you that his plans changed before you broke the news to him. Maybe you caught him in his own lie - he was sneaking in but now he doesn't have to.

Stephanie said...

Exactly. Plans change. Why couldn't yours have changed too?

I had to cancel my daughter's first birthday party b/c I was hospitalized w/ a gall bladder attack (had it taken out a month later). People were pissed at ME for their having taken the day off, etc. So feel free to use that. "Well I was going to my friend's place but she had a gall bladder attack, the selfish bitch."

The nachos are a good idea too. And take something for Oscar.

SUEB0B said...

Meno - since my mom is 80 and my dad 88, my grandma sure as hell doesn't feel very well LOL.

Laura - I am going to blame it on Miguel.

SuperDes- Yeah! HE is the heel.

Eden - Thank you. I will remember that one.

Anonymous said...

You could spend the weekend with Mr Stapler! Problem solved.

Mignon said...

I know I'm running late here, but this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. People with pets, this is for you: it is so very inconvenient and annoying when you ask us, your friends, to deal with your animals. While you may think they are your children, to us they are hairy pooping things and we don't derive joy from watching them squat in your yard. Jim and I have had dogs forever, and we always take them to the kennel. They get walked, fed, and cared for. $12 a day. It doesn't break the bank, and, more importantly, it doesn't make our friends quietly resent us. Whew.

Suzanne said...

So your plans now also changed and now you are home. Big deal. He'll cope.

Anonymous said...

Just tell him you never said you were going to be away. We men are always confusing stuff,ha,ha..

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