17 December 2006

Who rocks?

Who is continuing an undefeated streak as Champion of All Things Church Potluckish?

That would be me!

Tonight's victory: Raspberry Trifle made with lemon poundcake and cardamom cream sauce. It beat out the chocolate mousse cake by 2 votes. And the chocolate mousse cake woman admitted that she had purchased her cake and just added custom decorations. So there.

Do you want the recipe? Too bad, because it is too difficult for normal mortals. But for those of us touched by the Holy Fire of Kitchen Wizardry, it was a snap. And yes, I made it up myself. Well, I combined the lemon poundcake recipe from Payard with the cardamom pastry cream recipe from epicurious with the trifle recipe from former White House Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier...and threw in some raspberries just for fun.

Merely 2 days in the kitchen, 17 dirty pans, and 14,000 calories. Easy peasy.

To be honest, it wasn't that much of a snap. At one point when I moved my mixer cord and spilled coffee ALL over the place (there was so much coffee that the animals began scrambling two by two up into the boat) I got so cranky that I tossed my cookbook out the front door into the driveway. In the rain. Oh, yeah, I am mentally well. Sure.

Is it a wonder I never get around to scrubbing the shower?

PS Any NBA fans out there? Did you see that Knicks/Nuggets game/fight? Wow. If you haven't seen it, go over to YouTube. (they took it down) In all my years, I have never seen ANYTHING like that.


Anonymous said...

My wife got mad at me because I started yelling at the TV, "Beat His Butt Nate Rob!!!" I'm a big Washington Husky fan and he's still my hero.

Anonymous said...

In my face? With some delicious poundcake perhaps.

But for a guy, you have to admit I cook fairly well. Because I can think like food.

Anonymous said...

It's the dirty pans accompanying any dish that drive me up the wall. The more of them there are...the worse it is.

Anonymous said...

God, Suebob, that sounded like some kind of pastry magic you had going on there. Combining THREE recipes into one? And a "pastry cream" made with something called cardamom (what the hell is THAT)???

I bow to your culinary skills, master. I have a Cub Scouts potluck tonight, and I'm taking Snickerdoodles. Recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook.

SUEB0B said...

Elizabeth - I cook out of the Betty Crocker cookbook all the time, too. It rocks! I think it is just brilliant for all those rock-solid kinds of recipes that taste like mom used to make. And I LOVE snickerdoodles.

Cardamom is pretty neat. It is used a lot in Scandinavian breads and stuff.

Suzanne said...

Sounds like that Trifle could have fueled the Knicks/Nuggets fight. Yesterday the Daily News blamed Isaiah Thomas for it, though. Which I didn't fully understand. Something about using fighting words by warning someone not to go on the paint being like yelling fire in a crowded theater, but that sounds lame to me.

ecogrrl said...

Makes me appreciate how much our Husky coach did when Lil' Nate was in college. Romar had him on a tight leash -- he never let him get out of control, and I'm guessing now that this required quite a bit of effort.

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