12 December 2006

ROFL Award December goes to...

When Mommy Off the Record invited me to participate in December's ROFL Awards, I knew immediately who I would nominate.

Jonniker makes me ROFL almost every day. I think she is a hilarious genius. She is insightful, and smart, and a great writer. And did I mention hilarious?

But this post, previously featured on Linkateria made me laugh so hard that I hurt my ribs. It made me laugh so hard the dog became concerned about me, got up from her doggy bed and came close to me and stared, hard, as if she were considering how she could dial 911 with no opposable thumbs to flip my phone open with.

Jonniker is one blog that is worth going way back in the archives and reading. At least go back to the point where you can learn what the phrase "Jimmy doesn't have asthma" means, because I am going to be using it in virtually every conversation from now on - that's how brilliant I think she is.

PLUS - new goodness over at True Employee Confessions. I am also soliciting confessions at snackishblogATyahoo.com


Anonymous said...

She really is funny. Thanks for linking to her.
I like your new site.
The site that inspired it is hilarious. I know it isn't supposed to be but it is..

SUEB0B said...

I want to hear your work stories, happy!

Anonymous said...

Jonniker's post was the funniest thing I've read in a long time (ladle hands! Polka dot thong! mullet neighbor! Bwahahahaha!) As soon as I can, I plan to sit down and go through her archives. She definitely deserves to win the ROFL award for that one.

Heather B. said...

I'm pretty sure she's one of the funniest people I've ever 'met'.

Anonymous said...

oh man. I'm totally blushing. Thank you. Seriously, thank you. I uh, love you, honestly, and this was so nice. Thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

just delurking to say --

Oh, my god. Thank you. I'm in pain.

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