11 April 2007

Dog Lesson #1

Dogs are like people. They like to do what they are good at.

My dog is good at catching things out of the air.
Running after small moving things.
Digging after small animals.

These things make her tail wag.

What makes your tail wag?


Lynnea said...

Cooking, canning and sometimes, catching things out of the air.

super des said...

I think my answers are the same as Goldie's.

mar said...

seeing s (& if we ever find an apartment, then it'll be on a daily basis!)
reading a good book at the park

Anonymous said...

Chocolate. Oh, and a really good orgasm.

Anonymous said...

2 year old twins that nap.

I am really a simple woman.

Anonymous said...

Things I am good at that make my tail wag:
Taking pictures
Sex (I'm really good at that)

Heather B. said...

Trader Joe's, a really big glass of vino, cute shoes.

Anonymous said...

When a friend comes over and we cook together and eat on the kitchen floor and then chat on the couch and cuddle and fall asleep against each other.

Anonymous said...

Making the perfect meal then eating it, when a plan comes together, interior design, making Jeff laugh.

Congrats on the new car. It's always such a great feeling :o)

Alex Elliot said...

Sleep and good food! My dog ate sauerkraut yesterday and boy did his tail wag!

jaded said...

Falling asleep with my head in the Mister's lap.

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