08 April 2007

Notes on Easter

Dear Easter Celebrants:

If you are going to have a sunrise service at the park on the hill and you are going to amplify the music so it can be heard all over town, can you please sing in tune?

I know Jesus is the Lamb of God, but truly you do not have to try and imitate the way sheep sound when you bleat "Hosanna, hosanna" at 6:30 a.m.

Thank you
Sue, who goes to a 10 a.m. service like a regular heathen


And it it even proper to call it "sunrise service" when we have been sitting here in the fog for 10 days?


Yes, having 10 days without sunshine is enough to make you a little buggy. My folks and I drove about 15 miles inland to Ojai looking for sun yesterday, but it was gloomy up there, too.


I hope you all have a lovely Easter. Remember, there is a one Cadbury egg per year limit. This means you.


Suzanne said...

Wow, I met (and I think exceeded) my Cadbury egg intake limit back in Jan. How can anyone eat just one? Especially now that they have the traditional nougut kind and one with caramel filling?

Hoe you have a lovely Easter despite its inauspicious beginning.

super des said...

Suzanne, you can have my Cadbury limit as well. I never touch the stuff. Poison I tell you. Poison.

It snowed here today, but it was also sunny. So fog loses.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Oh shoot! I didn't even have my yearly Cadbury egg. Does that mean I can have two?

meno said...

I sneer at your Cadbury egg limit.

mar said...

what about the minis you can buy by the dozen? ;)

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